Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009 part 2

Our good friend Michael Crawford's Review of the Week posted more pictures from San Diego last night. The guy probably kills himself during the day, fighting the giant crowd of filthy, unwashed nerds, and then rather than sleeping at night to prepare for the next day's battle, stays up to post all the great pictures he's taken. And so far, his are by far the best pictures I've seen, he's a great photographer, somehow managing to take excellent pictures despite what must be over 50,000 other nerds trying to look at/photo the same things he is.

All of his pictures can be found at the Main San Diego Comic Con 2009 page, I'm going to repost a few pics of what are the highlights to me.

Toynami has what appears to be a poseable figure of Christopher Reeve as Superman. Let me tell you, this is 12 kinds of awesome. The first image I saw of it (probably at ActionFigurePics) looked EXACTLY like him. Michael Crawford's pics make him look not quite perfect. There's something wrong with it, it looks a little gaunt to be Christopher Reeve, but it still looks cool. I have no idea about price, but I'm guessing it's out of my range.

To go along with Toynami's Christopher Reeve Superman, why not get Mattel's 12 inch Terrence Stamp General Zod? (pictures from Cool Toy Review)

Toynami is doing the two most important vehicles from Tim Burton's Batman film (1989), the Batmobile and the Batwing. I've alwasy loved the designs of these, so I'm quite interested in these. However, I don't have any idea what the price will be, or even what size they are, so I don't know if it's even remotely feasible or not for me to buy them.

Tonner makes some Barbie-like DC figures that run for a couple hundred dollars. I think the female figures look great but I'll probably never own one. Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Super Girl.

After taking 2008 off from being collosal jerks, Genlte Giant jumped back on the exlcusive bandwagon, this time making it even harder to complete a h1ghly demanded, even more integrated group of characters than the Clone Commanders of 2007. This year's world tour exclusive: Delta Squad, from the popular game Republic Commandos. In 2007, the five Clone Commanders were available: three in the US, one in Japan (more limited than the rest), and one in UK. This year, they're each available in a different country, I don't think any are available in the US, but at least this time there are the same nubmer of each. There are/have been online stores that have offered one ore more of them for fairly reasonable prices (considering their exlusive nature), but since I don't have enough money to buy them at retail I haven't really been paying attention. I believe you can get any of the four at Entertainment Earth. Scorch and Sev are the best looking, in my opinion, but if money was no object I'd be gettin all four.

Hot Wheels recently started a line of die-cast metal ships from Star Trek. Already released (and owned by me, with reviews half written) are the Entprise D, the (TMP, WoK, SfS movies) Enterprise Refit, Reliant, and Klingon Bird of Prey. Upcoming ships include the Enterprise and Narada from the 2009 film. (pictures from

Hot Wheels were also showing some sweet Batman vehicles, the ones of particular interest to me were those from the 90's Batman films. I'm going to have look into those and learn more about them, I've always wanted a Batmobile from the four 90's films, plus the shielded Batmobile from Batman and Batwings from Batman and Batman Forever, and if I recall the pictures I saw but didn't save, all of those were on display at SDCC.

One final thing for this post, when doing the last post with Sideshow Collectibles I forgot to put pictures of their Aliens and Predator statues. Behold.

I LOVE that statue of the crouching Alien, unfortunately, it's freaking $700, so even if I sold one of my kidney's I wouldn't be able to afford it.

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Marissa said...

So many neat things, so little money.
I really think there are lots of cool and amazing figures that you have talked about and posted pictures of.