Friday, November 16, 2007

Episode II - Attack of the Collection


NECA's Nazi Kroenen figure Sideshow's 12" Kroenen figure - I prefer his Nazi outfit, but the Sideshow version was available exclusively at SDCC (2003?) and I can't afford the eBay prices.


I had the swords, so I thought I'd better get a couple of figures. These, again, are Sideshow's 12" figures - Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod.

Lord of the Rings

The Gentle Giant Ringwraith mini bust. Gentle Giant's Animated Saruman Maquette The Sideshow/Weta Mouth of Sauron bust, Sideshow/Weta Scaled Morgul Lord's War Mask, Gentle Giant's Gandalf mini bust, and the miniature Ringwraith sword.- And since it's been over two months since I took the pictures for this post, I've received a few more LOTR items, so I set them all up and snapped a few pictures. The new additions are a couple more Gentle Giant mini busts: Saruman (with light-up Palantír), and the Balrog (with light-up mouth and fiery mane), as well as the Sideshow Weta Balrog Flame of Udun statue (which I got from a great friend of mine that lives in New Zealand and works for Weta Workshop). And in an effort to show off the light-up features of Gandalf, Saruman, and the Balrog I took a picture in the dark. Unfortunately, the camera decided it was too dark to focus properly, so the nifty feature that compensates for my complete inability to press the shutter button without jerking the camera didn't work very well.

The Matrix

The first movie was really good; the second had lots of talking, but some cool action sequences (and the Twins were freaky-awesome); the third had even more talking (and it was even more boring talking than the second film, most the time), but again the action sequences were pretty cool. So I have a few Matrix collectibles. Let's start with the bad ones first: the action figures by N2Toys (which I think is no longer in business). Honestly these figures aren't great, little articulation the sculpts are also not very close at all. Thankfully I got them for really cheap. I'll do a more in-depth review of these someday. Next we have the good stuff: the Gentle Giant mini busts. The company's recent business decisions have been horrendous (from a consumer's point of view) but their product is still top-notch - at least, in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings lines, I've heard the Harry Potter line is slipping, they'd better do a good job with the Halo mini busts. Anyway. I set these up so that generally you only see three of them, either Neo, Smith and Twin 1 (though I seem to not have taken a picture of that) or thw Twins and Smith. But if you move around a little, it's not too hard to see all four, but they start looking crowded that way.

Star Trek

Since I've always been interested in Star Trek I started actually watching it a few months ago and decided I should have some toys from it - particularly the various incarnations of the Enterprise. I found a Japanese company called Furuta that makes small plastic 'model kits' of Trek vehicles and proceeded to buy all the Enterprise variations they offered, which at the time was everything except any shown in the series Enterprise - Classic Enterprise, Movie Refit, Enterprise A, B, C, D, E and a future variant of the D. They're about 3 to 4 inches long, and are the ships in the middle of the following picture. I also purchased a few of the Halmark ornaments, I have the Enterprise D, E, Romulan Warbird (not pictured) and the Classic Enterprise on the base, also in the middle of the above pic next to the Furuta ships. Additionally, this year Corgi began making Die-cast Enterprise vehicle. At this time only three have been released (to my knowledge) - the Klingon Warbird (as seen in Star Trek IV) the Classic Enterprise, and the Enterprise D, of which I have the two Enterprises. The Classic Enterprise is actually the best, because it is all metal and has a good heft to it. They're quite well detailed, and a nice 6 inch size, not scaled to each other, unfortunately. The disc section of the Enterprise D is plastic however, but it still looks pretty cool. They can be seen in the picture above on the left, the D partly hidden behind the Gentle Giant Animated Shadow Stormtrooper maquette. Planned for next year are a Romulan Warbird (which I'll definitely get - it's one of my favorite vehicles designs ever), the Reliant (from Star Trek II) and I think the Defiant. I hope they eventually release all the Enterprise variants as I'd love to have them all in a bigger size - particularly the E and A.


And finally, I was initially very impressed with Spiderman 3, having always been a fan of Venom (without actually reading any comics, or knowing much about him) and really liking how he was done in the movie I picked up a couple Venom items - the Walmart exclusive Venom figure that was actually black instead of purple, the Gentle Giant Venom mini bust (the one on the right) and the even more cooler-er Sideshow Venom mini bust. Well, that's all for this Episode. I'd like to try to post at least twice a month, which could get Episode 3 up before the end of this month, and Episodes 4 and 5 before Christmas. However, I'm going to start a little series posting pictures of the figures/items I display at work, since I tend to rotate the figures ever 2 or 3 weeks, and I try to have some vague theme to the display, so I may start interspersing those posts with these, which will delay the end of this 6 part journey - not that it matters, since few people (if anyone) reads this. But it's mostly for my benefit, so I have pictures of my collection, so in an effort to please myself and have pictures to show to people when they ask about my collection, I'm going to try to be more regular about posting here. I may even have to take drastic measures and not buy new things unless I've posted twice in the previous month.

To be continued...

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode I - The Phantom Collection

So, I've had in my mind the idea to post pictures of my entire collection as it is displayed, a sort of quick virtual-tour so I could show people everything at a glance, as though they were visiting my lair - not having to view each item individually on the reviews, and I've wanted to sort of do a parody on the Star Wars Saga titles. So I've finally gotten around to doing so, so without further ado I present:

Episode I: The Phantom Collection

Turmoil has engulfed my Collecting Republic. The taxation and shipping charges of getting toys to outlaying collecting towns has limited the funds available for spending. Hoping to resolve the matter by paying off my credit card I've stopped buying toys and other collectibles and the Post Office has stopped shipping toys to my home in the small town in Utah. While my wife and I endlessly debate this alarming spending habit of mine I've decided to take pictures of my collection and post them on this blog in order to curb my desire for more toys and awaite the settling of the conflict.... (click images for a much larger version)


In a half-hearted attempt to somehow correlate the title of the post with the photos I'll start with Batman, because he's kinda like a phantom, or at least a scary shadow, right? A couple of these figures are actually some of the first action figures I ever bought myself, and some are much more recent. On the top, left to right, some holographic card of Batman from the Batman Forever era, some Batman Beyond figure, some Batman Begins figure, Flightpak Batman, some Batman figure with techno-bat wings and claws and Azreal from a very recent toyline Select Scultps. The vehicles on the top row are the Hotwheels (I think) die cast Batmobile (from the first Michael Keaton film), a plastic Batmobile (from the Batman and Robin Adventures animated series) - it hides a toothbrush inside, the Batman Forever Batwing from some Micro Machines mini playset, then some misc Star Wars micro machines. Batman items on the bottom shelf are some version of Azreal as Batman, and a newer, unopened version of Azreal as Batman, or AzBats. Obviously, I need to do some research so I actually know what figures they are.


As a transition from Batman items to my swords, I've got a Batman styled knife. It uses the Batman & Robin style logos.
The only swords I have that are worth taking pictures of are the Official Highlander Swords. These swords are decorative only, they have stainless steel blades, with a negligible edge to the blade. They are rather pricey from the official store, so I acquired two via eBay, and two on the Replica Prop Forum (which is a forum filled with intelligent, creative, talented and skilled people with too much time on their hands - because they do things like build, from scratch, prop replicas and costumes from various movies/tv shows (mostly sci-fi type), often spending weeks and months researching everything, trying to find the exact part used for the original props, or sculpting/molding props themselves. Well, that was fairly tangential to the actual subject at hand, wasn't it?) So, the first sword pictured is Duncan MacLeod's Duende Rapier, 20th Anniversary edition - which means that it is a limited edition (only 3500 were made), and it has engraved upon the blade a quote from the episode wherein the blade was featured. This type of sword is commonly called a swept hilt rapier. Strangely, the official prop replica doesn't actually match the prop used in the series (or so I'm told). The one used in filming is an actual sword, carbon steel blade and everything. In fact, I'm also told that this is the one used for the show. As in, they used an off-the-shelf product in filming. The prop replica has a gold hilt, and yellow cream grip, as opposed to the silver and off-white cream of the actual sword. Considering the Official Prop Replica retails for $300 and the actual prop used is only $200 (and was actually on sale for $150 when I originally ran across it) I should have purchased the real sword. Seeing the price now, I do, in fact, rather regret that, but I did get the Official Replica for only $140-ish. The other three swords pictured are, from top to bottom, The "Original" Duncan's Katana, The Sword of Connor MacLeod, and The Sword of Duncan MacLeod. You may notice that two of the swords are listed as belonging to Duncan. The story goes (again, this is all hearsay) that when the series began they were using the "Original" Duncan sword which was nothing more than an off-the-shelf katana with a faux-ivory handle (made by the Spanish company Marto) with a dragon head attached to it. This is the same method (and the same sword) used in Highlander the Movie. Sometime during production of the series someone was asked to produce a sword for Duncan, and the design of the third sword came about. However, Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod) didn't like how the sword felt in his hands, so he never used it in the series. I like the feel of it the best of the three, but I'm no swordsman either, so I'm not going to argue with Adrian.


Attempting to return to the theme of Phantom collection (it wasn't really a great idea to follow the title themes, was it? I'll skip that on subsiquent episodes) this is stuff that feels like it's not actually part of my collection, because it's all stuffed into a box waiting for me to have time to open it, and find a place to put it - strangely, it felt like more stuff before I got it all out. On a previous entry here, Gillian asked how the cabinet from Ikea is working out - well, it's really great at sitting unopened in a corner because there's too much junk on the floor that I need to go through before I'll have room to set it up. But once I get it set up I'll have room to shuffle stuff around and put this stuff on display. I'd tell you what all that is, but I bet most of you don't really care and are only reading this because you are family and you have to be nice to me.

To Be Continued...

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Orange you glad you looked at this?

Okay, that was a really lame attempt at a clever title. :(

Anyway, this is just a quick post to compare Gentle Giant's poor first attempt at painting something orange—the 2006 Utapau Clone Trooper mini bust—and their second attempt—the 2007 exclusive Commander Cody mini bust.

Also, to show off the very cool light-up effect of the Cody mini bust.

Not entirely the most impressive color matching display, is it?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am in the 501st Legion!

On Aug 29th my membership in the 501st Legion was approved, I am now TR-5283, Royal Guard to the Emperor. I've been out trooping twice, and will be going again on Saturday, for an awareness walk for kids with Down Syndrome.

Some pics from last Saturday's event - a carnival for kids with Autism. Photos taken by my lovely wife, who came along to see what all the fuss is about.

My daughter, Katie, sitting there being cute, playing with the dog somebody brought. Unfortunately, by the time we started taking pictures, she was already tired, so she wasn't smiling a whole lot - she's even cuter when she smiles. :D


For the first hour or so it was just me and the Officer.

Then Chewie showed up with his wife - a TIE Pilot, his two sons - a Rebel and Boush, and his daughter - a jawa.

The kid in the green shirt hugging Chewie eventually got that friendly with everyone else and WOULD NOT STOP HUGGING US. It got a little weird - he was a little too friendly, in my opinion, but I think he was a fairly severe case of autism. But, he was happy, which is why we do this.

Finally, for the last 45 minutes or so a couple other guys arrived (they'd been at a parade in another city).

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Keep off the Grass!

What do you know? A non- Star Wars, non- Collecting related post, wow!

My back lawn finally got to the point that I needed to mow it. Once it starts eating cats and small dogs for nourishment you know it's time to cut it. Not that I mind if it eats a few dogs or cats - I just don't want it to get my 15 month old daughter.

Since it's been, oh I don't know, 3 months or so since I last mowed it, I decided it was time to take time out of my busy schedule - the one where I stay up late playing Tiberian Sun, and Neverwinter Nights - and ran over the back yard with a mower. Now, instead of looking like the jungle fauna from Jumangi, it looks like it was mowed by a deranged, blind, one-armed barber. Apologies to the blind, the one-armed, barbers, and the deranged.

Once my mower returns from visiting my parents house (whose mower is in a coma) I'll run over it again and make it look nice. I may even cut the front grass too, though it's only been 3 weeks since I did it last.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Review: Royal Guard, Medicom VCD

I'm going to try to post photos and a review of each and every item in my collection. Since I already have a large number of collectibles, I'm going to try to do this for each new items as it arrives, and then as time permits go back and do things I've had for a while. Hopefully this will help me purchase fewer items at a time, and spread them out longer. Fat chance of that, I know. In case anyone cares, I'm patterning my reviews after Michael Crawford's Review of the Week which I enjoy reading (when there are items that interest me). I likely won't be as in-depth as he is, at least not most of the time. On items I have the really interest me, who knows how long I'll blather on about them. I won't necessarily label each section, but in general I'll try to at least touch on each of the following sections: Packaging, Sculpt, Articulation, Paint, Accessories, Collector Value, and possibly a summary/overall score. Okay, enough introductory stuff, on to the review.

Medicom VCD Super Deformed Imperial Royal Guard

Medicom is a Japanese company that makes some interesting toys, in several different licenses. They have two lines that are imported by Sideshow Toys. A 12" line Real Action Heroes wherein they've done such things as Star Wars figures (among which are some of the greatest looking 12" figures like Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Sandtrooper), Marvel figures such as Spiderman and Venom, and one I would really love to get my hands on - Spawn. However these figures generally run $150 and so are out of my price range. Sideshow also imports some VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll) figures, which are also available in the same licenses as the RAH (and probably others that I don't know/care about). These retail around $60, and some can be found as low as $40 + shipping on eBay (and when I find the Spawn VCD for that price I'm buying it). Anyway, one characteristic of the VCD figures is that most of them Super Deformed, which means their heads, hands and feet are exaggerated in size, not unlike the Hasbro's (Star Wars)Galactic Heroes or Marvel Super Hero Squad), only several times bigger. These are approximately 8" in height, a would be excellent toys for kids, if they weren't so pricey. So far with the exception of two figures, all of the (Star Wars) ones that I am aware of are Imperial or otherwise Dark Side type figures. The two exceptions are Republic Clones (which turn into Imperial Troopers). To be brutally honest, if you don't have an unhealthy obsession with Royal Guards like I do, you may not be as pleased with this particular VCD. For the price you pay you're not really geting much; the only notable features (psuedo-posable cloth robe, force pike) are also the only features. Still, it's a Royal Guard, so of course, I like it and I'm glad I bought it.


Packaging is very non-important to me, as I open all of my stuff. Still, I can appreciate nice packaging. Of the 6 Star Wars VCD figures I own, only 1 of them has a box that isn't very pleasing to look at (it's the ESB Boba Fett). The box is usually made to resemble the character's helmet with clear plastic windows where the "eyes" and other highlights of the helmet are. The Royal Guard's box is no exception, and I think it looks great - though the Stormtrooper box is probably my favorite. Opening the box reveals the figure in a plastic tray with a plastic cover, additionally, weapons and gloves are often bagged—I presume to protect the paint from rubbing on the cover—though this is not the case with the Guard.


To the untrained eye the Royal Guard costume is fairly simple and straightforward. To the trained eye, it's still fairly simple and straightforward (insofar as I consider myself somewhat trained in the look of a Royal Guard). Red robes, with either opening in front of the right arm (as in Return of the Jedi), or an opening in front of each arm (as in Revenge of the Sith). There are a few other slight differences, but chances are if you cared, you'd already know what they are. Anyway, the helmet sculpt appears pretty accurate to me, and not too incredibly deformed. The arms are very simple and the rest of the body is even more so - it has no legs, just a solid body that looks covered with robes (salt shaker these are often called). The sleeves and body have some creases to give the impression of being covered by a robe (a solid plastic robe). I've always loved the Royal Guard helmet, and this one looks great. This figure is almost unique in that it has a soft goods robe (the Vader VCD also has a cloth cape), two separate pieces, a front and a back. You can't really tell from any of my pictures, but the robe is lined on the inside with a burgundy material which helps it look more authentic. The sides and bottom of both pieces of the robe have thin wires in them to assist in getting just the right look—if you don't like the flow of the robe, you can kind of change it. It's a nice addition, in my opinion.


The VCDs aren't big on articulation. Most have a cut neck joint, cut shoulders, wrists, and ankles. The design of the helmet doesn't really allow for turning your head (trust me, no head-turning in that helmet). Since the guard doesn't have legs, he's much less articulate than the other VCDs I have—having only wrists and shoulders—but he makes up for it by being the coolest character.


Similar to the articulation there's not much here. Black visor, and silver force pike with black grips. The lines are all very straight, there's no slop at all, it all looks great.


The Guard comes with their signature Force Pike. It's a very nice piece, and very accurate in appearance, as far as I can tell (Revenge of the Sith style). It's a cool pointy stick, but there's not really much else to say about it.

Collector Value

If you like the Royal Guard character than you should get this one. If you're a completionist, you're going to buy this whether I tell you to or not. If you're picky about what you buy, you should probably think this one over a few times before spending $50 or $60 on it—I'm not saying you won't be pleased with it, just make sure you will be before dropping that much money on it. I like it, and I'm glad I purchased one. I wouldn't have minded paying less, but through Sideshow's rewards program I earned points which will give me some small token amount off a future purchase. Sideshow only imported a small number, so you're likely to have to go to eBay to get one, although there are some great online retailers that may have them in-stock. My personal favorite is Razor's Edge Collectibles, with Dark Shadow Collectibles and North Side Collectibles following fairly close behind. Other retailers that I have little or no experience with, but are known to be reliable include Most Wanted Collectibles, CCG Armory, Things from Another World, and many others that I can't think of right now.
On to (possibly) more exciting things—more pictures!
The Royal Guard battling it out with the Shadow Stormtrooper (or Blackhole Stormtrooper) VCD. Just like in the comics! And to try to convey a sense of scale, the VCD Guard posed next to some of my other Royal Guard items: Hasbro 3 3/4" figures, Galactic Heroes, Kubrick Royal Guard, Gentle Giant Royal Guard Statue (which I'll probably review next, unless I review something else next), and a full-size Royal Guard helmet.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Collection Updates

Wow, 4 months since my last post. I'm far too lazy to have a blog. Lets see if I can come up with a list of everything I've purchased, ordered and canceled since then. On one hand, it should be easier as I've tried to cut back, even canceling some items that I had several of on order or that I no longer feel I can afford to buy. On the other hand, I've gotten into Spawn, McFarlane Dragons and Halo more, probably spending a little more than I should have.

Canceled pre-orders

Lord of the Rings

GG Rinwraith on Horse Animaquette GG Elrond mini bust GG Balrog mini bust GG Saruman mini bust

Star Wars

GG Royal Guard mini bust GG Senate Guard mini bust GG Boba Fett Classic bust GG TIE Fighter Pilot Classic bust (of course, all of the above I had multiple orders for, so one of each of them is still on order) GG Biker Scout Kustomz - I'm dropping this line completely, I have accepted the fact that it looks like crap

New Orders


Halo 2 Red Spartan on eBay Aside from that, I haven't pre-ordered any new Halo stuff, not the McFarlane Figures (though I will be getting some of them, just no need to order them just yet), not the Kotobukiya Statue (though I also want that), nor the full size weapons. Oh, speaking of weapons, I did order the two Scaled Halo 3 Weapon props by Master Replicas

Lord of the Rings

The Sauron Mini Bust on display at San Diego Comic Con has not been put up for pre-order yet, so I haven't ordered that yet, and have passed on all the other items so far.

McFarlane Spawn & Dragons

I have so far resisted ordering the Series 6 Ice Dragon (though I want it SO badly, I just haven't wanted to pay $18 for it), nor have I pre-ordered the Series 7 Ice Dragon. Neither have I yet pre-ordered the Spawn Series 32 figs I want - Raven Spawn and Commando Spawn (I cannot wait to see pics of Series 33, Ancient Egypt) Somebody is supposed to be sending me Series 5 Sorcerer Clan Dragon I've got a couple Spawn figures on the way - Mandarin Spawn 2, Commando Spawn 2, and am in negotiations to trade for several of the earlier ones.

Star Wars

Let's see, what I have I ordered... No new GG mini busts (that I can think of) Oh, the Entertainment Earth 14 pack (whatever it's called) I can't think of any other SW that's on order. Hmm... Oh yeah, MR SDCC Exclusive Shadow Stormtrooper Mini Helmet

And on to the Newly Acquired stuff


Halo for the PC, pretty fun game Halo 2 White Spartan (blue highlights, if you care) Halo 2 Blue Spartan (orange highlights)

Lord of the Rings

GG Gandalf mini bust GG Strider mini bust x2 GG Animated Saruman Maquette GG Promo Ringwraith mini bust - thanks to the most awesome guy in New Zealand, Daniel Falconer Sideshow/Weta Mouth of Sauron bust - also thanks to Daniel(who is awesome) Sideshow/Weta Balrog, Flame of Udun statue - which is awesome, again thanks to Daniel (who is more awesome than I can say)


GG Venom Mini Bust World of Kong book, signed by its author Daniel Falconer and many of its collaborators

Spawn & Dragons

Pretty much every dragon I have has come since my last post: Series 5 Eternal Clan Series 3 Sorcerer Clan Series 1 Eternal Clan Series 2 Komodo Clan Spawn IV (Masked) Scorpion Assassin Issue 007 cover art Spawn (this one just came today!) Raven Spawn (Original deco, also just came today) 3" Raven Spawn (red version) Necro Cop Mandarin Spawn 1 (Original deco) Series 29 Ninja Spawn Raven Spawn 2

Star Wars

GG Stormtrooper Animated maquette GG Blackhole Stormtrooper Animated Maquette GG Biker Scout mini bust GG Jango Fett mini bust GG Commander Gree mini bust <-- Yippee! GG Commander Cody mini bust <-- Also Yippee! GG Coruscant Clone mini bust GG Darth Malak Mini bust Medicom VCD Shadow Stormtrooper Medicom VCD Royal Guard Medicom VCD ESB Boba Fett Kotobukiya Commander Bly statue Kotobukiya Darth Maul statue Hasbro Republic Commandos figure pack. Acme Archives SDCC Exclusive Sandtrooper Character Key Acme Archives CE Exclusive TIE Pilot Character key A few Hasbro SW Transformers some Hasbro figures, and undoubtedly there's something else I've forgotten. Oh well. Edit: Of course, I forgot something. The Royal Guard Costume I order freaking 8 months ago has finally arrived. I had long since decided to sell it (if it ever came) but now that it is here I have been rethinking my decision, and just a couple of days ago I submitted my preliminary application to the 501st Legion. I guess I still ordered/received a lot of stuff over the last few months, but much of it is for sale, I'm trying to trim back some of my lines, develop tighter rules about what I can and cannot buy, and am selling off the stuff that can't abide by my rules.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Coming Soon... part 2

Well, for the fun of it I decided to make a follow up post with new stuff I have on order and have received since my previous Coming Soon post.

On Order

Lord of the Rings

GG Rinwraith on Horse Animaquette GG Gandalf mini bust (will be here next week, along with the Jango Fett mini bust) GG Elrond mini bust

Star Wars

GG Royal Guard mini bust GG Senate Guard mini bust GG Boba Fett Classic bust GG TIE Fighter Pilot Classic bust Medicom VCD ESB Boba Fett GG Biker Scout Kustomz MR Boba Fett helmet MR Stormtrooper mini helmet MR Qui-Gon Gin mini saber


MacFarlane Spawn Figures: Mandarin Spawn 1, Ninja Spawn GG Halo Mini Bust Case (2 green, 1 red, 1 blue) Medicom Halo Kubrick set Highlander: The Series season 1 2 McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett figures plan to order the Warcraft III figures, and Batman and Joker Kotobukiya Statues.

Newly Acquired

The Higlander

SS Duncan MacLeod 12" figure SS Connor MacLeod 12" figure Marto Connor MacLeod Katana Marto Duncan MacLeod Katana Marto Sword of the Dragon Katana Marto Duncan's Duende Rapier


GG Neo Mini Bust GG Agent Smith Mini Bust GG Twin One Mini Bust GG Twin Two Mini Bust (the twins mini busts are very awesome) Trinity, Agent Smith, and Neo figures by N2Toys

Star Wars

GG Stormtrooper Animated maquette GG Biker Scout mini bust GG Green AOTC Clone mini bust GG White AOTC Clone mini bust GG Utapau ROTS Clone mini bust GG Anakin Skywalker animated maquette Buncha Hasbro figures: Betrayal on Felucia battle pack, Treachery on Saleucami battle packs, Order 66 Battle Packs, 3 Galactic Marines, 2 Airborne Troopers, McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper Kotobukiya Commander Bly statue Kotobukiya Darth Maul statue Hasbro Republic Commandos figure pack.


GG Ringwraith mini bust MacFarlane Spawn figures: Samurai Spawn, Medieval Spawn, Spawn X, Redeemer, Mandarin Spawn 1 (variant) Mortal Kombat Deception: Scorpion & Sub-Zero figures Hellboy: Sideshow Kroenen 12" figure, Mezco Nazi Kroenen figure Hitman: Blood Money, Agent 47 figure Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments: Enterpise E, Enterprise D, Classic Enterprise, Klingon Bird of Prey, Romulan Warbird Playmates Enterprise E (Insurrection) I'll be trying to get pictures of the new stuff soon.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Lord Vader…Rise

With the induction of Medicom's VCD Super Deformed Darth Vader figure into my collection (thanks to my lovely wife) my Vader collection is complete. That is, until Gentle Giant releases their new Vader statue. Left to right: TAC Comic Pack Vader , TSC (UGH 2006) Vader, Galactic Hero Vader, Kubrick Vader Hasbro Unleashed Darth Vader Gentle Giant (ROTS) Vader Mini Bust Gentle Giant (ROTS) Vader Mini Bust and Gentle Giant Animated Vader Maquette Medicom VCD Super Deformed Vader My Realistic Vaders My Stylized Vaders Master Replicas Vader Mini Sabers (ROTS, ANH, ESB, gold ROTS) and Luxeon Vader FX

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