Friday, July 17, 2009

BTAS Reviews Returning Soon!

Well, I have received a few comments recently on my Batman: The Animated Series posts, old as they are, encouraging me to continue, and since I have been wishing I could get back to reviewing this most awesome show, I'm going to do my darnedest to get some new ones up. My original plan was to review two episodes a week. Obviously, it's been a long time since I was that prolific. I don't stay up quite as late as I was back then, and strangely, I'm using my time even less wisely, but I'll see if I can get back up to one a week anyway. I'd like to sprinkle in some Highlander: The Series, but that show is twice as long as the animated episodes, so it probably won't happen very often.

I've also been meaning to (finish writing and) post a couple toy reviews, take pictures of some new toys, and sheesh, I haven't done a daily pic in three weeks.

In the meantime, I point you toward the comics that have been taking my time for the last three weeks. I've been reading through the archives Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Taylor, for approximately the fifth time. It's probably my favorite comic, great stories, great characters, really funny, and the artist is cool, too. Breaking things and hurting people everyday since June 12, 2000.

Also, I've been catching up on The Whiteboard, by Doc Nickel, a vaguely paintball related comic. It's also really funny, has interesting stories and fun characters, most of whom are anthropomorphized animals, and stars a Polar Bear and a Raccoon, who are not afraid to use excessive violence and/or explosives at the slightest provocation. Extreme garlic breath? Flash bang grenade and six pack of Febreeze. Leftover chinese food turned man-eating sentient life form? Home made TNT.

And seriously, new Batman review on its way!

So, the ends justifies the means, and the more good you do the more people you're allowed to kill? - Schlock Mercenery

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