Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Lucas Trooper Will Be Mine

I found all five Star Wars VOTC Figures required to send away for the George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise. For a more detailed story check out my post at A Clone's Paradise. I'll post pics here and on my website later.

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Cataloging the Collection

I have begun the process of listing my entire Star Wars collection on my website. Only one section is up right now – the Titanium 3" Vehicles Series – but I'll be making posts here when I add a new section. Feel free to browse my Star Wars Collection, check out the photos and be awed by the large variety of Star Wars related stuff I have.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More of my Star Wars Collection

I spent some time organizing my Meditation Chamber last night so I could make better use of closet space to display my Star Wars collection. You can read a description of what's pictured at A Clone's Paradise.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ultimate Galactic Hunt

Hasbro has released several special, harder to find, figures in the lastest lines of toys, labeled Ultimate Galactic Hunt - 2006. There's a small discussion of them, and why I decided to collect them, at A Clone's Paradise. Check it out. Eventually I'll upload pictures of them at my website. For more info see Hasbro's website for more info on the UGH releases.

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Ommmmminous Hummmmmmmm

Since this blog is just a rest stop on the way to A Clone's Paradise I thought I'd post something to distract you during your long journey. Schlock Mercenary is the funniest comic I've ever seen. Schlock Mercenary, the Online Comic Space Opera by Howard Tayler, takes place in the distant future, featuring Schlock, carbosilicate amorph, which is the author's fancy way of saying a shape-changing pile of goo, who gets a job with a band of mercenaries, and also carries a dangerous plazma cannon, which emits an 'Ommmmminous Hummmmmmmm' as it charges, preparing to burn everything in its path to cinders. You should check it out. Every Schlock comic is available on the website, I've been reading through from the beginning, although a couple of days ago I skipped to the most current storyline, so I could be prepared to meet Howard Tayler pick up an autographed copy of the new, first ever, Schlock Mercenary book, Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management - available for pre-order now (signed!). It just so happens that Howard Tayler lives less than 30 minutes from me, and he will be having a launch party for the book at the comic book store Dragon's Keep, in Provo, UT. I'm pretty excited about going. For more information on Schlock Mercenary Learn about the characters, or read from the very beginning, or start with a storyline the author reccommends. I highly reccommend the whole thing. An alphabetical list of the comics I read: Dilbert Ctrl+Alt+Del - Gamer Comic (Warning: Occasional violence and/or language) Get Fuzzy Foxtrot Pearls Before Swine PVP - Gamer Comic Real Life - Gamer Comic Schlock Mercenary Sheldon Starslip Crisis User Friendly - Linux Geek Comic

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I blog, therefore I am.

I blog, therefore I am. However, I don't blog here. I run a blog called Clone's Paradise at, where I show off my Star Wars collection. I joined blogger so I could comment on my brother's blog. But, since I'm here, I might as well update this blog occasionally, so I'll post links to my real blog, when I update it. The latest episode is Vehicles, vehicles and yet more vehicles!. This one showcases a bunch of pics of my Star Wars Titanium Vehicles - the pics can be seen on my website. Thanks for stopping by. If you did.

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