Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ooo, Fancy! With Unrelated Pics!

I started this post exactly one month ago, wasn't able to finish it in one sitting, and never came back to it. Since I'm working on a new post I thought I'd quick finish this one and put it up in the mean time.

Gentle Giant

My need to not spend money aside, I've recently taken the plunge and purchased my first real high end collectibles, a few odds and ends from Gentle Giant Ltd. I first became acquainted with Gentle Giant through Star Wars Action News (at some point I'm going to do a short blog on the podcasts I listen to) - a weekly podcast dedicated to Star Wars collecting, they have introduced me to many exciting lines of Star Wars collectibles. The following are the Gentle Giant items I have on hand. Unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures of anything yet, as the arrival of these has set off a round of rearranging the collection, since I don't have the space to display all of this right now. You can see images of all of this on Gentle Giant's site. General Grievous Animated Maquette - 1530 / 3500 Boba Fett Animated Maquette - 1307 / 7000 Deluxe Sandtrooper Sergeant Mini Bust 1977 / 15,000 Emperor Palpatine Mini Bust 2056 / 4500 Deluxe White ROTS Clone Trooper Mini Bust 11,030 / 15,000 (7500 White) Deluxe Blue 501st ROTS Clone Trooper Mini Bust 9437 / 15,000 (5000 Blue) Deluxe Shocktrooper Mini Bust 1576 / 3500 ROTS Darth Vader Mini Bust 4122 / 20,000 Darth Maul Statue 1263 / 3000 I also have on order: Darth Maul Mini Bust ? / 10,000 General Grievous Mini Bust ? / 7000 Jango Fett Mini Bust ? / 9000 Deluxe Coruscant Clone Trooper Mini Bust ? / 3500 -- which is still available for purchase at Action Figure Express Royal Guard Statue ? / 3500 Darth Vader Animated Maquette ? / 7000 Stormtrooper Animated Maquette ? / 4000 LOTR Saruman Animated Maquette ? / ? LOTR Ringwraith Mini Bust ? / 2000 LOTR Balrog Mini Bust ? / 3000 Other numbered, limited edition items I have include the Character keys from Acme Archives. ARC Trooper Character Key 639 / 750 Asajj Ventress Character Key 1177 / 1250 Darth Tyranus Character Key 1230 / 1250


Another line I've decided to get in to in the last two or three months are Star Wars Kubricks, by the Japanese company Medicom. I also was made aware of these collectible figures through SWAN. Arnie and Marjorie received their first Kubrick (Boba Fett) back in April, and immediately fell in love with it, as did many members of the forums. I resisted the temptation to buy them for about 6 or 7 months until the current series finally defeated my willpower with the release of a Royal Guard, which happens to be one of my absolute favorite character designs. At AndrewsToyz.com you can see the figures in Series 6 and Series 7, although both sets are out of stock there. They can be had on eBay. Unfortunately, this line is riddled with chase figures. Series 7, the current series, has, I believe, 4 chase figures - Yakface and the Senate Guard are the only two I remember. These chase figures are packed in low numbers and some fetch quite high prices on ebay. In keeping with my collecting rules (actually, they're more like guidelines in many cases) I'm only collecting certain figures, which include the following (these are the ones I own). Biker Scout Trooper (2x) Boba Fett Darth Vader Death Star Gunner (2x) Death Star Trooper (2x) Emperor Palpatine Imperial Royal Guard (4x) Senate Guard (2x) Stormtrooper Sandtrooper TIE Fighter Pilot (3x) I don't have pictures of any yet, except the Biker Scout and Royal Guard. In closing, if anyone has an AT-AT Driver Kubrick or two they'd like to get rid of, please email me, it's rare to find that guy on ebay.

Misc Pics of my Collection

The following are simply pictures I took of my collection in the last few months that I haven't yet gotten around to posting online, and I finally pushed myself to do so.

Utapau Clones Theme

Biker Scouts

Close up of the Kotobukiya Biker Scout Model The above image also has the Morgul Lord's War Mask, from the Sideshow/Weta Lord of the Rings Collection - it's a very cool piece.


Hasbro Unleashed Shocktrooper Imperial Ships Republic Ships Anakin and the 501st The Hunt for General Grievous My initial mini Sith Saber display. Second variation - Maul's saber was removed to become part of the new Maul display I'm working on. As soon as the Gentle Giant Mini Bust arrives it will be complete and I'll post pics of it.

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