Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009

My cousin tried most of the year to convince my wife that I needed to take time off to go to San Diego with him for comic con, but she was having none of it. Not that it mattered anyway, since we don't have the money for such a trip, and my work schedule wouldn't have allowed it. There's always next year.

So, I get to do what most of the nerds in the world do, and that's sit in front of the computer looking at pictures taken by other, luckier nerds who are actually there. Of course, as I write this I'm not looking at pictures (or I wouldn't be writing this) because my internet connection is down. I'd scream and curse about it, since we recently switched ISPs in an effort to get away from the down time we had with the evil monopolistic corporation we were with, but I'm still so happy at being through with them I can forgive a lot right now.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog was to show a few of the really exciting images posted last night by my primary source for toy reviews, Michael Crawford's Review of the Week. He reviews a ton of toys, many things that I wish I could get, even more that I have no interest in, and a bunch of stuff I wouldn't have taken a liking to had he not written about it. I couldn't actually say how much of my collection has been influenced by him, but it's at least a few figures, if not many. Actually, now that I think about it, his reviews were very influencing in my getting into the AA/DST Star Trek line that I've taken such a fancy to over the last two months or so, so that's a couple hundred dollars already.

Now, if I can stop blabbering about unrelated things, select images from San Diego Comic Con, 2009. You can see all of Michael Crawford's SDCC Coverage at his site. All pictures posted herein were taken and posted by him, and are his property (though I've obviously stolen to re-post them).

As of starting this writing he only has images up from Sideshow Collectibles and Mattel, but they're two of my favorite companies, so I'm not complaining. Mattel is, of course, the maker of the fantastical DC Universe Classics, which is far and away one of the three best toy lines EVER (the other two being the aforementioned Star Trek line by Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys, and GI Joe Sigma 6 by Hasbro).

Since Mattel's DCUC is the main line I'm collecting right now that is also active, we'll start with it. Last night was preview night, so nothing new was shown. They had on display a bunch of DC Infinite Heroes and DC Unlimited figures, which I don't care about because they are both crap. Which is too bad, because they have or will have ever DC character under the sun. Sure, the Legion of SuperHeroes makes sense, they're superheroes, even if they're in the future, and they're very popular, even if none of them were in the JLU show (which I wouldn't know as I actually haven't seen beyond the original Justice League show. But Amanda f---ing Waller is being made. She's just a fat lady, no superpowers, nothing special about her, except she was something like Chairman of Superhuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor, and head of Checkmate. Just a fat lady in a suite. It's freaking crazy, and truly I am jealous that DCUC will likely NEVER have such a obscurish/unlikely character released.

Once again, trying to get back on target. For DCUC they had the prototypes and what appeared to be factory samples of DCUC wave 9, the Chemo wave, for which I am very excited. Highlights are the Collect and Connect figure Chemo (first pic also has Black Adam, second pic from ActionFigurePics), Mantis (Super Powers variant), and Deadshot.

They also showed us the two figure that have been confirmed for DCUC wave 10, Power Girl and Joker (second pic of each from ActionFigurePics).

Next up is Sideshow Toys makers of fine 12 inch collectible figures. I had a few of their figures back when I was collecting Star Wars heavily, but have since pared down the Star Wars figures to two (Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress), though they've recently started making the armored figures that I am interested in, though too poor to buy. Newly announced and up for pre-order today in the Star Wars line is Admiral Thrawn from the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zhan. If I had $80 plus shipping, or thought I could come up with $80 plus shipping without sacrificing upcoming Trek and DCUC figures I'd have ordered Thrawn in a second. He looks awesome, and he was the best character in the books.

Other 12 figures that are far too expensive for me to buy come from the GI Joe line, including the two figures that got me into GI Joe, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Snake Eyes has recently been released so no new pictures of him, but Storm Shadow isn't out yet, so we got a picture of him, along with the regular blue uniformed Cobra Commander and the red uniformed variant available exclusively at SDCC (which maybe has a separately available throne?). Oh, if only I had had $120 to send with cousin Rish. :cry:.

Hot Toys (through Sideshow) had their Terminator: Salvation figures on display, T-600, John Conner and Marcus, but Hot Toys figures run for $150 and up, so I'll never have any.

Finally for Sideshow, they had a figure on display that I got really excited about for a couple of hours, Agent 47 from the series of Hitman games, but eventually I found out it's not a 12 inch figure, but a statue that costs $260.


Oh, and they had what appears to be a diorama of the Ringwraiths attacking the hobbits at Weathertop.

That's all for now, the DCUC panel is today, so there should be pics up of waves 10 and 11, and maybe 12 tonight, and I'll re-post them here, and he's added galleries for other companies that I'll get to tonight as well.

[San Diego Comic Con]. You will never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious. - Obi-wan Kenobi

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