Monday, July 20, 2009

Pic of the Day 82 - Twice Daily!

Azrael as Batman (aka Azbats), from DC Direct's Knightfall series.

I've read the novelization of Knightfall, but not the comics. Someday I'll spring for the three trade paperbacks and read it, because I loved the story when I read the book, I just haven't quite gotten around to it. It's the story that introduced Bane, who showed us he was a badass by defeating Batman through cunning and strength, and then broke his back. While Bruce Wayne was recovering, he let a newcomer to the Batfamily take on the Mantle of the Bat, Azrael (Jean Paul Valley) the Avenging Angel. Valley occasionally had flashes of inspiration, and many of them involved armoring and arming the Batsuit to better suit his own style. Eventually, Bruce Wayne decided Valley had gone off the deep end, and was not living up to the Batman mantle as he wanted, so he trained with somebody who really should have killed him, but didn't, until he could challenge Azbats. It was a good book.

I will BREAK you!! - Bane (from the Animated Series, where he doesn't, in fact, break Batman)

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Marissa said...

Cool cape and claws.