Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pic of the Day 83 - Twice Daily!

Lt Stone in Cobra Trooper Disguise, GI Joe Sigma 6 by Hasbro.

All the Sigma 6 figures are awesome (except for the three Cobra robot things), although some are even a little bit more excellent, and Lt Stone is one of them. He's the spy for the Joe Team, and as such is a master of disguise. As can be seen in this picture, he includes arm and chest armor, as well as a helmet, to pose as a Cobra soldier. Additionally, he comes with a Zartan mask, who is Cobra's master of disguise. The mask is an full headpiece that fits right over Stone's head, and looks exactly like the Zartan figure. The only oddity, is that it's made of translucent plastic, I guess so it doesn't confuse the kids?

Still, Lt Stone comes with more accessories, fitting for a backstabbing spy. He has a removable knife in a shieth on his left calf, two pistols with silencers and a removable belt with holsters, a removable shoulder holster with another pistol, this one not suppressed. He also has a jaunty little beret. Finally, every Sigma 6 figure has an oversized weapon of some sort that features a spring-loaded action feature of some kind; Stone's is a giant net launcher. It has two sliding pieces on the top and bottom that can be removed, which makes it look like a large, double-barreled gun.

Some men just want to watch the world burn. - Commissioner Gordon

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Marissa said...

Wow. He has a waist a supermodel would die for.
For some reason, the bottom half of him looks very scrawny.