Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pic of the Day 174

Black Canary Ame Comi figure by DC Direct.

This is another figure that I appreciate more in hand than I did from pictures before buying. The matte black of her body suit contrasts nicely with the glossy black of her jacket and boots, all the gold detailing works really well, but what I like best of all is the throwing star in her left hand. It's something I'd never noticed in the solicit photos, and I think it really adds to the personality of the character and the figure.

For more pictures, visit the Black Canary Ame Comi page on my collecting wiki


Bubbashelby said...

Funny that in the case of Black Canary she becomes less sexed up in Ame-Comi than in her standard costume!

Marissa said...

Oh, I do like the throwing star. I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out.