Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pic of the Day 165

Wonder Woman (version 1), Ame Comi statue by DC Direct

Oh, how long I have been trying to get this figure for a good price. I love the redesign of her armor, and it's really not even that big a change, except for the sides, which you can't really see in the pictures I've taken of it so far. I'll have to get a side view picture up tomorrow.

For more info and pics, visit Ame Comi Wonder Woman at my collecting wiki.


Marissa said...

I like the colors on this one. I like the style also.

Unknown said...

I was at a thrift shop today, and got the Ame-Comi Wonder Woman figure for just $10. I also got the Supergirl and Batgirl figures.(also for $10 each)
Wonder Woman's lasso and sword were gone, but the shop owner said that he may have accidentally put the sword in with a box of transformers weapons he sold to a returning customer and would get it back if he did.

Would you say I made out well?

ryanlb said...

Wow, yes I would say you made out pretty well. Was it the Barbara Gordon Batgirl, or the Cassandra Caine Batgirl?