Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pic of the Day 163

Batman Build A Scene Statue Part 3: Commissioner Gordon and Batwoman, by DC Direct.

This is something I should have posted weeks ago. Nay, months ago. The pictures appear to date back to August of last year. I LOVE this statue. I got Part 1 months before I got Part 2, and it was at least several more weeks before I managed to get Part 3 at a good price, but the Batman Family Build A Scene statue is Definitely worth getting, especially at the significantly reduced prices that I paid.

As is obvious, Part 3 of the Batman Family Build A Scene statue contains possibly the single most important character in Batman's life, that isn't Batman himself. Or his parents ("My parents are DEAD!"). Or the Joker ("You complete me."). He's a bit of a boring choice for a statue or action figure, but where would Batman be without Commissioner James Gordon? And as I've said before, I just love the modern Batwoman costume, it's fantastic.

Additional pictures of this Commissioner Gordon & Batwoman statue at my collecting wiki

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