Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pic of the Day 173 and Review of Ame Comi Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl Ame Comi Heroine statue by DC Direct.

Great looking statue, in my opinion. However, there's something a little off with these pictures. Can you tell what?

I tried to photo them in such a way as to hide it, but it's pretty apparent to me that she's gimpy. While attaching her to the stand, her right wing snapped off. :( However, I think she's too interesting looking of a statue to delay posting some pictures of her while I attempt to mend her broken wing.

The first pic allows a good look at clawed left hand, the arm band on her right, and her helm. I like the way the black paint under her hawk-eye doesn't end, it streaks back fading into the gold. I thought at first it was a mistake, but both sides are the same, and I rather like the effect. It is also apparent from this angle that her top doesn't wrap around, and while she', rather the front (less apparent because you can't see how thin the rest of her body is), I'm not sure that covering would stay in place particularly well in actual flight/combat. Although the red strings wrap around her waist as well as her neck, so maybe? I don't know, I'm no fassion expert. I can't even figure out how to spell it: fascion? fasion? phassion? Oh, it's easier than that: fashion.

Anyway, the second pic gives a slightly better view of the armor bit on her left hand, you can see it's got some detailing on the top, reminiscent of the Eye of Ra symbol, plus she's got some nifty necklaces. She's got a battle ready, intent look on her face, and interestingly, she appears to have an impressive scar under her left eye. Right up under her eye. That was a close call. I like that she has eye lashes or something drawn under her right eye, but she's not hiding the close call she had with her left one.

Unfortunately, the following picture removes any illusion of wings, but gives us a good look at her Mace. This hand also has the finger claws and bracer that her left has, but no wrist or hand armor, just the finger claws, the pommel of the mace is carved in an hawk head motif, though obviously my angle was off when shooting it. But the mace head itself is quite cool, I love that the studs are gold instead of the same lead color of the mace, and the collar obviously is supposed to have some interesting detailing, though either PVC is too soft to have picked up the details well, or they weren't very finely detailed to begin with. But it's an interesting texture and color if nothing else. Also, her hair is done up in one really long braid. I like that.

Ame Comi Hawkgirl definitely turns out to be one of the best figures in the line so far, one of my favorites for sure, and I didn't even get any good pics to show off her armored boots with they're hawk claw detailing, but trust me, they're awesome, it's a great figure, I highly recommend it. Plus, it's a variant on her modern costume, which I MUCH prefer to her Golden/Silver Age look, or even her Animated Series look.

But attach the stand to her back first, the hole was just a tad too small, and it took quite a bit of force to get it in (in retrospect I could have easily shaved the hole out a little with a razor, and since I had plugged the wings in first, I inadvertently pushed on her wing more than I thought I was. Stand first, then wings. :(

For more pictures, visit the Ame Comi Hawkgirl page on my collecting wiki

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Marissa said...

I really liked this review. I know you don't have time to review all of your "pic of the day" posts like this, but I like the thoroughness of it. Plus, you are funny.