Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pic of the Day 43 - Super Heroes Week 1 - Superman

Eradicator, DCUC wave 5, Walmart Exclusive, by Mattel.

This guy is from the Reign of the Superman/Return of Superman storyarc. I rather enjoyed this story. It introduced a few characters who took on them the emblem of House El to either replace or honor Superman, who had fallen in combat with Doomsday.

Eradicator though he was Superman, but had a sensitivity to light (hence the goggles) and was a bit more extreme than Superman in punishing criminals (he burned them to death with energy rays projected from his hands. He was quit disappointed to learn he wasn't really Superman, but sacrificed his life to save Superman from Kryptonite gas shot at him. I really like Eradicator's design.

The first picture from this Super Heroes Week is the actual Superman, after he regained conciousness and wore a Kryptonian Regeneration suit to speed of the return of his powers.

Face it, Clark. The last time you inspired anybody, you were dead. - Batman

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Marissa said...

This is a nice suit. I like how the cape is above his shoulders. Very unrealistic, but cool.