Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pic of the Day 48 - Superheroes Week 2

Red Tornado, DCUC Wave 1 by Mattel, sculpted by The Four Horsemen.

There was supposed to me a modern variant of this figure (mainly he would have had different boots and gloves), but so far it has not been released. Mattel has indicated they'll try to release it in the future, and I really hope they do. After discovering that The Tornado's Path is about Red Tornado, and that there are lots and lots of color variations of him I'd like to custom up a blue one, a green one, and yellow, and a black one.

Remember Kids:

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Marissa said...

Aaahh! No "Remember kids:"!

Oh, the figure looks okay. The figs don't mean much if I don't "know" them.