Monday, April 13, 2009

Pic of the Day 42 - Super Heroes Week 1 - Superman

Superwoman, from Superman/Batman: Vengeance, by DC Direct.

I thought Superman/Batman: Vengeance was a very fun story, and part of that was the alternate dimensions and universes we saw. Among those alternate realities was a gender reversed universe. Batman was a woman, I don't know if she was Helena Wayne, as though Dr and Mrs Wayne had a daughter instead of a son, or if Helena Bertinelli became Batwoman instead of Huntress, but I think it was the former. And without checking I don't remember if they ever said Superwoman's name, but she was the female equivalent of Superman. I would really like to read more of this universe, it just seems so interesting to me to have characters like Miss Miracle and her husband Big Bard, and Darkseid is the Queen of Apocalypse, which I guess extrapolates to Gramps Goodness?

Remember Kids: I think he's coming, Mr Luthor! - Otis

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Marissa said...

I like the blue highlights in her hair.
That sounds like a very interesting story to have an "opposite" dimension.