Friday, March 20, 2009

Pic of the Day 33 - Star Wars Week 2 - Sith and Clones

Sandtrooper Sergeant Deluxe Mini Bust by Gentle Giant

As great as the Stormtrooper design is, I prefer the additions the sandtroopers got. This is one of three Sandtrooper busts Gentle Giant released. The second is the Squad Leader, with an orange pauldron instead of white, and a con exclusive Corporal with a black pauldron. The Squad Leader and Sergeant are Deluxe Mini Busts, with interchangeable arms to allow variety in the poses. They're identical except for one arm - the Sergeant with the droid piece as pictured here, and the Squad Leader with the super extra large gun that some of them carried. I'm sure I'll put up a picture of it someday.

Look sir, droids!

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Marissa said...

As nice as the picture looks, I think it looks better in person.