Wednesday, March 04, 2009

At Long Last: New Stuff

As the long wait for DCUC 7 continues, I struggle to save my money to pay for my pre-order. However, I got such a good deal offered me a couple weeks ago on The Fwoosh, that I had to take it, and I also saw too good a deal to pass up last night at Walmart.

Lets start with Walmart. I found more of the Marvel Legends Ares wave figures last night, and though I already have Ares (and sold off all the figures but Iron Man and Crossbones) I had to buy Human Torch. Sure, it's not the variant I prefer, but it's still a really good looking figure, and the best part was the price. Check the picture below.

Click it for a larger view. Can you make out the price tag between Joker and his thug? It's $2. Yeah, I'll take it at that price. Heck, I'd buy all of them again at that price, but this was the only one I found.

The loose figures came from the Fwoosh deal, the remaining Movie Masters figures I couldn't afford to buy at full price, Scarecrow, Joker and Gotham Thug. I look forward to the next wave, which will hit sometime this summer, but I doubt DCUC will let up enough for me to get any of them. Also present is Commissioner Gordan from the Dark Victory line, missing his glasses, but he was thrown in for free, so who cares. He came with a much needed gun for Joker's goon. Also, DCUC 4 Ares, to replace the one I bought that has a melted forearm.

The second part of the Fwoosh deal was some Batman comics. The last bunch of Batman comics I got was from this same guy, and these are the ones I had to pass up because of insufficient funds. I wish I would have passed on all of them and waited until he gave me this super great deal, because they were all about $1 each. For trades that retail for $12-$20. Total cost for the figures and trades: $20. Super killer awesome deal, wish I could find more like that.

On the off chance that anybody cares (or for my own records, the comics are:

  • Batman: Night Cries
  • Superman: Emperor Joker
  • Batman: Haunted Knight
  • Batman: Tales of the Demon
  • Batman: Officer Down
  • Batman: Evolution
  • Batman: Blind Justice
  • JLA: Tower of Babel (which I really like, since I already have this one, this one will be a gift)
  • Batman: Death in the Family (DIE, Jason Todd! I really only like Tim Drake as Robin, although I like Spoiler, so I'll probably like her as Robin, when I get around to reading War Games)
  • Batman: Broken City
  • Batman: As the Crow Flies
  • Batman: Sword of Azrael

Remember Kids: Sure, it's just stuff. But it's MY stuff.

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