Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pic of the Day 14

More Star Wars! I collected Star Wars HEAVILY for over two years, so expect lotsa SW stuff to show up. Commander Bly mini bust, by Gentle Giant from the Summer of Hell Exclusives. I was lucky enough to get four of the five prized Clone Commander mini busts. I still hope to get Neyo someday, but it won't be anytime soon, as I've had to drop mini busts in general, and Star Wars as a whole. But when I can afford it again I'm gonna start catching up on the mini busts. And the first two I'll get are the TIE Fighter Pilot and AT-AT Driver busts, two that I really wanted GG to get to while I was still buying them.

I'm torn between being happy for you and punching your lights out.


Marissa said...

I forget how good those mini busts look. They are pretty amazing.

Jonathan said...

well- if you are quitting SW for now, good choice on him. He's cool. I think star wars is my favorite, except for Aquaman. And the Balrog.