Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quote Factory

My sister and I didn't always get along well. While growing up in the same house we got a long even less. I'm told it's because we're too similar, but if that's so then we were both jerks and unpleasant to be around as kids. We do get on better now, still disagree about some stuff, but can usually talk about it in a more civil manner. And she has a pretty good sense of humor, which means it's twisted and somewhat morbid. I wish she updated her blog more often, because she's got a great sense of humor. Take the tag line, for instance.

Laughter really is the best medicine; unless you have cancer, then you should get chemo.

Or how about the title of the most recent post:

I will do anything to avoid doing what I actually need to.

I haven't even read the post, but I can tell it's a freaking gold mine.

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Marissa said...

That must be why I like talking to both of you.