Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Halo 3 2009 Want List

It's been a while since I posted, and since I still haven't been able to get back to watching Batman: The Animated Series (for a variety of reasons, the next good reason will be that I'll be getting Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band for the XBox 360 tomorrow, who knows when anyone will see me again).

Anyway, I thought I'd throw together a post with the next few Halo3 figures I'm looking to get, since the first wave of 2009 should be hitting soon. The waves announced so far have rejected the Campaign/Multiplayer divisions of the last few series' , instead calling themselves the Equipment Edition, because they come with some sort of larger accessory that can be used during the game.

2009 Wave 1 Equipment Edition

There are quite a few neat looking figures in this wave, but I still stick with my Red & Blue only rule for UNSC troops, so all I have on that front for this wave is the Red EOD and the Blue Hayabusa (which looks to be my favorite of the two, and possibly of everything I have). I think this is the first series that's seen the release of the Security armor, which looks neat, but it's not being released in a color I can buy, so I hope we see it in red and blue before too long.

I'm a little more lax in my Red/Blue rule for Covenant figures, I try to get one of each unique alien, though I've missed a few, and double up on others. Red/Blue Covenant get passes so do have duplicates of somem, so this last wave I'm getting three variants of the same Elite figure, since there's an exclusive Red/silver (still need) and Blue/Yellow (have) version in addition to the standard blue version. And I just realized this whole section is pointless. I was trying to get to the point that the Tan Elite Combat in this upcoming wave is a new armor configuration than the previous Elites, but it's not, so I'm not going to get it, since I already have Red/Blue vevrsions of it.

I might get Master Chief since he'll come with the Rocket Launcher, but I might wait for a Red/Blue Spartan to get it. Additionally, the Red EOD will be re-released in wave 2 of this year, with a different accessory, I think I'll get that one, since the accessory is a red version of the thing that the Blue Hayabusa gets, although if it looks like too many figures in the next wave I'll grab this one. But right now it looks like I only need one figure from this wave.

2009 Wave 2 Equipment Edition

This wave has a bunch of nice figures, but most fall just outside my rules, like the White Hayabusa. When I started with Halo3 I planned to get Red, Blue and White figures, but I dropped the White ones after the first wave, just because I didn't want to dedicate that much money to this line. The White Hayabusa is really nice though, and I'd gladly trade my White Mark VI for one. The generic Marine trooper looks pretty nice too, but chances are very good I'll never buy him.

Wave 2 will also see the release of a Blue EVA Spartan. The Red EVA from 2008 Wave 1 was my favorite figure until 2008 Wave 3's Blue EOD was announced, so I'm looking forward to this one. Oh, and it comes with a rocket launcher, so scratch off Master Chief from the possibles list for 2009 Wave 1. I already mentioned the Red EOD, so I won't do so again.

The final figure from the announced 2009 waves is a new armor configuration for the Elites, the Assault version. The first figure is Silver with some redish-purplish highlights. Since it's new I'll get one, unless a Red or Blue one has been announced by the time arrives.

Remember Kids: There is no overkill, there is only reload and open fire.

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