Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series Will Return

One of these days. Seriously, I will get back to reviewing Batman: TAS episodes soon. I've just been too busy (by which I mean too lazy) to do any for a while.

I bought an XBox 360 a couple weeks ago, along with Rock Band, Guitar Hero II and Gears of War, so predictably I've been spending all my free time playing that, instead of watching cartoons. In fact, last night Marissa and I played Rock Band for about 4 hours straight. We already had a band setup, no shoes for tuesday (credit that name goes to Scott Kurtz of PvP, sorry for the blatant ripoff, not that he's ever published it, that I know of), with Marissa on vocals and me on guitars.

But Marissa wanted to play guitar last night, so we spent some time on creating a guitarist for her, then she formed a band with my drummer, we thought it would be fun to have another band name with a day in it, so we went with eccentric monday sprites. After we played with that for a while, Marissa created another vocalist and band for the fun of it, and I again had my guitarist join up with wicked wednesday.

After we had exhausted our selves, and heard the same beginning level songs at least 5 times each, we called it quits for the night so Marissa could go to bed. Normally I've been staying up between 2 and 3am, so I planned to play Gears of War for a while, but wimped out instead and was in bed before 1:30am. The point of all this is, that one of these days soon I'll motivate myself to watch and review a Batman episode, if anyone is even waiting for something like that. I may even try to get around to publishing one of the 5 or so toy reviews I have half written.

Yeah, right. And Duke Nukem Forever will be out one of these days soon, too.

In the meantime, I've added the followers widget to my blog, so I can track the one reader I have, although I noticed the list of blogs he's following is longer than the list of toys I want to buy, so I think he just added every blog he'd ever come across to his list. I also started adding the blogs I follow to my reading list, so you can check out other, better toy related blogs. In addition to mine.


Marissa said...

It sounds like I am more addicted to Rock Band than you are.

Anonymous said...

4 hours!
Some real bands don't even play that long!