Saturday, May 29, 2010

This week's new Transformers

Legacy of Bumblebee, which I bought for the repaint of the Classics BB, but the Premium ROTF BBB is pretty nice, and I'm more or less a fan of the Animated style, so I'll probably keep the Animated BB as well. And I got it for $10 under original cost.

Classics Inferno and Special Edition OverKill

And I was finally able to grab Classics Skywarp from the Target Exclusive Ultra Magnus vs Skywarp set. I probably never bothered to post here when I got Ultra Magnus a few weeks ago, and I really should have since he was the TF Classics figure I wanted the most. Anyway, I'm glad to finally get Skywarp, and for around $15 under current market value. Additionally, of the now 5 repaints I have of the Classics Seeker mold, Skywarp is definitely the best of the bunch. He has perfectly tight (but not too tight) joints, everything snaps together smoothly and with no gap-age, he's great. Acid Storm is also less loose than the others. Also here pictured are Titanium War Within Skywarp, Robot Heroes Skywarp, Classics Sunstreaker, Classics Acid Storm, and Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus. And I got really good deals on War Within Skywarp, Classics Skywarp, and Sunstreaker. I Love eBay.

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Marissa said...

I think the movie version of Bumblebee is my favorite.