Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recent Acquisitions (over the last few months)

Sheesh, it can be so difficult to keep up on this blog. I have many many items I have been meaning to post pictures of here, but I just cannot stay consistent enough to make any progress. Let's see what I can knock out with this post.

As you may have noticed from the previous three posts, I finally started buying Transformers, and as with any new property I become interested in, I have to jump in head first, rather than slowly wading in and becoming acclimatized. I have discovered that the Transformers Classics and Transformers Universe Classics 2.0 lines were pretty much designed with me in mind. They're modern reinterpretations of the original G1 designs, trying to stay as faithful to the G1 designs as possible. For example, the Classics Optimus Prime is exactly what I always thought the G1 Optimus Prime would be like, if I had one. He's terribly fun to play with, I've transformed him back and forth, from robot to vehicle mode countless times, and he's so great, that I bought two of him. The only short-coming of the toy is that Hasbro never made a trailer for it, but more on that later. Pics first!

Transformers Classics Optimus Prime, and his evil counterpart, Nemesis Prime. I forgot to put the smokestacks on Optimus, so he looks slightly odd.

Now, as I said, these figures didn't include trailers, but some fans stepped in, designed and mass-produced a trailer that is compatible with this figure, converts into a base (similar in concept to what the G1 trailer does), and it even comes in different colors for the various repaints (ie silver for Optimus, black for Nemesis, and purple for an extremely rare convention exclusive version of Optimus, and when I say rare, I mean it sells for over $400 on eBay, so don't expect me to ever have one). Anyway, I acquired the silver and black trailers for quite reasonable prices, and they look pretty good, though I'll be displaying them pretty much solely in base mode.

And because I started this post over two weeks ago and never came back to finish, I'm going to drop the commentary and just post some pictures.

Ramjet in various forms.

Starscream in various forms.

Skywarp in various forms.

FansProject City Commander Trailer/Armor Add-on for Classics Ultra Magnus (here pictured on Optimus Prime because this picture was taken before I got Ultra Magnus, which has already been two weeks. It takes me so Loooong to post pictures after I take them.)

Walmart Exclusive 6" Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine figures (based on the film Iron Man 2, which was awesome).

I got my set of DCUC 13 Trigon figures weeks ago, and they're pretty fun.

And I got the last Khan figure I was looking for, from the AA/DST Star Trek line.


Bubbashelby said...

I wish I had gotten Prime or Nemesis Prime when they were in stores! I did recently find Ultra Magnus at the swap meet but he's missing his smokestack/guns and that top shield/air foil part - still makes for an awesome looking robot.

The fan project add-ons are amazing! Too rich for my blood but they do look beautiful.

ryanlb said...

I picked up Nemesis Prime for $35 shipped, took a little bit of looking, and some eBay bucks, but it was worth it.

You're lucky to have found Ultra Magnus at a swap meet (I'm assuming it was a good price). I ended up paying over $50 with shipping for him. But it was worth it to have him in the FansProject Armor set, looks much better on him than Prime.

There is an Optimus Prime version that I'll try to get someday, and there's also a Shadow version for Nemesis Prime, which I probably won't try to get.

Jonathan said...

Well, the Jets are awesome, especially the large version of Skywarp. I'm not a big fan of the robot version of prime- too blocky for my taste. Out of the others, Iron man is definitely the coolest looking.

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