Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pic of the Day 145 - Transformers

Masterpiece Skywarp, by Hasbro.

As I understand it, the Masterpiece line is for large scale, high quality Transformers, based on their original G1 design. So Skywarp here is the same F-15 design he was in 1984, and the robot mode looks very similar as well, but it's highly detailed and very articulated, as opposed to the original figure.

Skywarp is a Walmart exclusive, originally retailing for $60 I believe, he's currently on clearance for $30 at the few remaining locations I've seen him. I got this one far from home on an even better clearance price of $15. It was a cheap gateway drug that finally got me to start collecting Transformers, something I've fought against for over the last five years I've been collecting, because I knew that with my nostalgia for the old toys (not so much for the TV shows), I would want to get deeply involved in collecting the toys. As will be seen over the coming weeks.

Anyway, Skywarp is a great looking jet, quite large, and I'll show his robot mode some other time. More Transformers to come.

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Marissa said...

I really like this one. The colors are great, it looks like a real model plane, and watching you put it together was fun!