Thursday, April 01, 2010

J W Rinzler returns with The Making of Empire Strikes Back

One of my favorite purchases during my 2 years of excessive Star Wars collecting was a book. A big, heavy, expensive and monumental book. The Making of Star Wars by J. W. Rinzler. (I should set myself up as an amazon affiliate if I'm going to be linking to $55 books). It had all sorts of fascinating info about what went into making one of the greatest films of all time, all gathered from interviews and such from back then. None of the rose-tinted memories, looking back after all of Star Wars' success, but from before anybody though it would amount to anything.

Well, when I learned earlier this year that Rinzler was coming out with a book based on the making of the best of the Star Wars films, I was quite interested. The price put me off a bit, since it is a hefty price for my current, much lower than three years ago budget, but for as much as I enjoyed the previous book (and have been thinking it's time to re-read it) I just can't pass this one up. So this evening I placed a pre-order for The Making of Empire Strikes Back by J. W. Rinzler. Amazon has a nifty Pre-Order Price Guarantee, and since it is $30 off the cover price, and Amazon's price will go up to list price when the book is released, I thought now was the time, expecting a May release date.

Yeah, it's not due out until October. At least I'll have it in time for my birthday.

The moral of this post is, go buy those books, they're the best ones about how Star Wars was created, that I know of (that's honestly not saying much). Also, the best documentary I've seen on this subject, is Empire of Dreams, from the 2004 DVD set of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. It's awesome.

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Marissa said...

Does that mean I don't have to buy you a birthday present, again?