Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More New Stuff

Who knows if I'll ever post all the pictures I've taken over the last several months of things I've purchased or traded for. But here's some stuff to point out.

Iron Man 2. These are 4 inch scale figures, which hasn't been my thing for a couple of years now, but these are really great figures, both in look and in execution, and they weren't too expensive, so I couldn't pass them up.

Some Green Lantern books I've been trying to get for a while, finally got a good enough deal on. Also 52, which I've been trying to get for a long time, for under $10, this one significantly under.

I finally got my hands on the Batman: War Games series, to go along with the prelude, Batman: War Drums, which I've had for a long time now. Picked up War Crimes cheap to finish off the tale. Good reading, I really liked it, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Robin is one of my favorite characters. Pity she dies at the end. :(

A few weeks ago I found the last two figures I needed to complete the Public Enemies mini-line, which I mostly bought for the Collect & Connect figure, Brimstone, but I don't have as much issue with these figures as do others. The new animated movie,Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, is awesome, by the way.

Going along with the Green Lantern books above, I finally bought some of the Blackest Night figures from DC Direct (Blackest Night being the story line that the GL books have been leading up to for several years). Got the wave 2 Black Lantern Martian Manhunter, and wave 3 (Star Sapphire, Black Lantern Aquaman, Orange Lantern Larfleeze, and Green Lantern Arisia). Probably won't be keeping all of these, Aquaman isn't as cool as I'd hoped, though I hear the Black Lanterns look better in big groups, so one solution would be to buy more (and wave 4 is ALL Black Lanterns). Also got most of JLA Classified Classics wave 2, which I am definitely keeping, because I LOVE the Ed McGuinness style figures. Batgirl, Green Lantern and beard/hook hand Aquaman will join the rest of the Ed McG figs proudly on the shelf that will be set aside for them one of these days. Can't wait for wave 3.

I can't recall if I've posted about the World of Warcraft figures here or not. If not, they're gorgeously sculpted plastic statues, and I've followed the line with interest since it began, only taking the plunge to buy a few in the last few months, so I've missed a few really good ones, but great people on the Fwoosh helped me get some I'd missed for good prices. One of the Deluxe figures I've been eyeing has been sitting at the overpriced FYE for a while, starting at $49.99, msrp is $39.99 I think, but with shipping it was about the same on eBay as FYE. I told myself when I saw it at FYE for $30 I'd buy it. A couple of weeks ago, there it was, marked for $29.99, so I took it to the register. However, it didn't ring up at the marked price, but lo and behold, it rang up for $14.99. So I win. She's awesome. And a large figure, takes up too much room, but awesome anyway.

I finally surrendered to something I've been fighting for years, and bought myself a Transformer I intended to keep. Of all the toys I had as a kid, I think Transformers hold the most nostalgia for me. ALthough in analyzing my likes for them, I find I generally don't care for the robot mode much, just the vehicle mode. But I don't really want to buy a toy vehicle, but one that can turn into a giant robot. Even if I don't ever intend to change it. Strange.

Anyway, I've always had a thing for the Aircraft Transformers, I had the Generation 1 Ramjet, and the used and abused remains of it's carcass still resides at my parents house, quite the worse for the wear. When the Masterpiece Skywarp hit Walmart last year I really wanted it, but the $60 price was quite outside my range. Around here they're now clearanced to $25-$30, but that still seemed a bit much for my budget, so I strengthened my resolve not to get into Transformers, because I was afraid of where it would end up (and rightly so, I've started looking through checklists of what's available, and my want list is not small), but when I found them for $15 on the way to Las Vegas last month, I had to buy one. Actually, I bought two, and I'm toying with keeping both, to display both modes, because the Decepticon Jets have always had cool robot modes. Am I talking too much?

I've been watching this 2 pack at Walmart for a while now. It started out at $19.98. Then it was clearanced all the way down to $19.86, but I made myself hold out for the next round of clearances. It finally dropped to $11, which is comparable to the single carded figures, and it has a ton of accessories, so it was definitely worth the wait.

Some misc stuff I've had for a while, or picked up in Las Vegas my recent trip there.

And that's enough for now.


Marissa said...

Lots of cool stuff.
I especially like the Transformer and the WOW Snake Woman.

Jonathan said...

I like the comic covers. Almost makes me want to read them. The Transformer dude is very cool. I'm glad you bought him. If I visit this summer we can take turns chopping off his limbs with a shovel like the good old days.

Do you do any comic drawing of your own? Or writing stories about these guys? You could have a pretty amazing sequel to the "Indian in the Cupboard" series...