Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Favorite DCUC Figure - Round 2

It's time to vote in Round 2 for Best DCUC Figure Evar!

I can already see that two of my favorite figures are going to be knocked out this round - Tech Suit Freeze is going to be defeated by Gentleman Ghost, and I wonder if he's getting an undue number of votes due to his extreme scarcity. Also, I'm sure everyone else is going to vote for Green Arrow over Power Girl, and sure he's a good figure, but Power Girl is better.

As for the other brackets, whoever is voting in these things have really poor taste. Despero is better than Big Barda? Katma Tui over King Alexander Luthor? You people are crazy. I am glad to see that in the new match up, Chemo is still barely beating Dr Mid-Nite. Talk about one of the Best BAFs Ever. Chemo had better make it at least another round or two. And Cyborg Superman totally should have beaten Wonder Woman. I demand a recount! Copperhead is undeniably cool, but come on, Imperiex has way better fashion sense. The Mongol vs Copperhead is a tough choice, both are excellent figures for a variety of reasons (Mongol is pink!). I'll probably go with Mongol, but both are the correct choice here. Two Face vs Brainiac is just mean. I'll go with the killer robot, but Two Face shouldn't be knocked out this early.

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