Monday, February 01, 2010

Pic of the Day 130

Teela, Masters of the Universe Classics, by Mattel.

Teela is the first MOTUC figure I bought. Sculpted for us by the same people responsible for DCUC and 7th Kingdom, the Four Horsemen, Teela was too great a figure, by virtue of sculpt, articulation, and accessories, for me to pass up, even though I hardly have any nostalgic emotions for the He-Man toys of my youth. But Teela showed me just how good the line is, so I am now a fan and have a few of them.


Marissa said...

The Four Horsemen do good work. I do like this figure.
For some reason, I like her face. Her cheekbones make her look kind of exotic to me.

Jonathan said... that sword dangerous? Looks like she forgot to sharpen it.