Monday, February 01, 2010

Stuff I've acquired since November, part 2, GI Joe

I noticed the Rise of the Cobra line when it hit, being interested in the film, plus Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, but was able to pass them up in favor of DCUC and other larger-than-3-3/4 figures. Until the price dropped to $5 each, and then later finding some of the bigger items on clearance.

I was never really a fan of GI Joe, the bright, colorful, mis-matched uniforms in particular, until Sigma 6 came along and made them all look better together, toning down the wacky coloring. And now with the ROC style, everybody looks like they belong on the same team, matching, (more) practical uniforms, tons of accessories, and cheap, for me, it was a match made in heaven, despite the small scale. They're quite good figures too. I'd definitely dump them all in favor of a good ML- or DCUC-like line.

Anyway, here's most of what I got, various figures didn't get photo-ed before opening, but I'm sure we'll see them as Pics of the Day, eventually.


Bubbashelby said...

I like that City Strike Snake-Eyes!

Marissa said...

I like how you have these set up. You should take a picture of their arrangement as Pic of the Day sometime.