Monday, November 23, 2009

More New Toys and Comics

As I sat down to write a post with the new toys I've received over the last two or three weeks, I realized there was an uncompleted post from before Halloween, that I apparently forgot I was in the middle of it. So finished up the photos and posted it. You'll have to wait a few days (or weeks probably) before I get around to write up a new one with the latest stuff.

Let's start with books. I started re-reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, because there are 11 or 12 books out, but I've only read 8 or maybe 9, despite owning all of them (I think). I've really been enjoying it, reading the third book in 2 or 3 days. But when I went to start the fourth one, I couldn't find it! Oh noes! Turns out, last Christmas my brother was reading the books, so I gave him our copy of books 4 and 5. Curses! Of course, it took about three weeks to receive them from eBay/Amazon, and my local library had all the books EXCEPT 4. I had to steal my cousin's library card to go to the good library, that had three or four copies of the entire series. Anyway, point being, I bought books 4 and 5 of The Wheel of Time, slowly converting our paperback collection to hardback.


I'm endeavoring to acquire House of M and its tie-ins, along with Civil War, the newest arrivals are 5 Civil War books (Road To Civil War, Peter Parker Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, New Avengers, and Heroes for Hire) and 2 House of M (Amazing Spider-man and Uncanny X-Men (not pictured) ). My daughters were helping me take pictures. Also got a few JLA comics, one in particular that I've been trying to get for a while (without paying too much for it): JLA: Ultramarine Corps, for two reasons, the first being it's drawn by Ed McGuinness, whose art I LOVE. I generally read comics for the stories and then the art, but I wanted this one purely for the art, and merely hope the story is good too. But, Grant Morrison wrote it, and I'm a fan of his work in JLA and New X-Men, and what I've read of Batman, so I'm pretty confident it will be good.

Also, the 6th book of the aforementioned Grant Morrison New X-Men books (still lack the 5th) and for whatever reason I bid on and won Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection volume 2, which really only consists of Ultimate X-Men vols 3 and 4.


Some Silver and Blue Batman figure from Legends of the Dark Knight, whose name I have completely forgotten at this moment.

Inexpensive Aquaman figures in armor: Justice Armored Aquaman and DC Armory Aquaman. Lots of people weren't big fans of the Armored figures in the Justice line, but I think armor is cool, so I like them. Plus, they were only $6 each.

More Misc Marvel Figures! Stealth Iron Man and Sharon Carter 2 pack! White Hand Ninja and Dum Dum Dugan (SHIELD Agent) 2 pack! Planet Hulk and the final piece to the Annihilus Build A Figure! Marvel Select Diamond Variant Emma Frost! Spider-man Classics Carnage!

Misc Marvel and DC Figures: Scarlet Spider, Marvel Girl, Earth 2 Alex Luthor, Red Son Wonder Woman!

More Wonder Woman! I finally broke down and bought some Wonder Woman figures I've been look at for a long time, the previously shown Red Son WW is from the Superman story Red Son which is one of my all time favorite comics, and definitely my favorite Superman story. Instead of landing in Kansas and being raised by the humble farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman's ship lands him in the fields of a Ukrainian farmer, where he is raised as a loyal member of the Soviet Socialist Party (Communist). It's a great story, and it's fun to see the characters we know and love in a Communist orientation. Superman is the Soviet symbol for Communism, and spreads Communist rule throughout the world, and Wonder Woman also believes in Communism.

Anyway, going back to Wonder Woman, I also finally got the JLA Classified Wonder Woman, based on Ed McGuinness' art (see the above JLA Classified comic). I'm excited for the new Ed McGuinness figures coming out later this year, or next, I'm not sure. And finally, I got the Justice League of America series 2 Wonder Woman. I like them.

And finally, my first taste of the Masters of the Universe Classics line, Teela. MOTUC is an online-only line by Mattel. There is a new figure every month, and they cost $20 each, plus shipping. You begin to see why I've never bought them before. Also, while I saw the show and played with the toys when I was a kid, He-Man holds no real nostalgic value for me. But one can never have too many female figures, so when I saw they were going to release a good looking figure with lots of cool accessories, how could I pass it up?

Teela comes with an alternate, helmeted head, a snake headdress, a snake staff, a sword, shield and a bird (named Zor or something like that, as if I care). She's a bit bigger than the DCUC line, about the size Big Barda could have been, but she's quite cool, and I think she was worth the price. If Mattel ever gets in to some She-Ra figures, I might have to buy some more.


Marissa said...

I love the cute little hands on your comics.
"But one can never have too many female figures" Hmm. Not sure I agree with that.

The Rebel said...

Nice blog/collection dude! I just came across your awesome pictures and stuffs through some random browsing.

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