Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a Birthday Miracle, Charlie Brown!

Oh, how Exclusive toys haunt toy collectors, and Walmart Exclusives, in particular. You'd think that with at least 14 Walmarts within an hours driving distance of me, I wouldn't have such a hard time finding the freaking exclusives. And with Star Wars I didn't. I found Schloads of the Star Wars Walmart Exclusives at the one across the highway from where I work, the closest one to my home. Separation of the Twins sets? Those things PEGWARMED when they were first released (and then again when they were re-released last year). Betrayal at Saleucami? Lots of them. The last 5 figures of The Saga Collection? Tons and Tons and Tons of them!

DCUC Exclusives? Not a chance. Gotham City 5 Pack? No Way. Metallo wave? Hell no! Imperiex wave? Hell, yes?

I've been stalking that Walmart nearest me, every day for 3 weeks, because the DCUC pegs were empty, and surely they would get new figures in. At the 3 week mark, there suddenly appeared on the pegs a lone Killer Moth, one which I assume had gotten lost in the renovation of the store, hence the long empty pegs. I bought it, thinking they would order more figures and get Imperiex. yeah, the next day the 3 DCUC pegs were gone. That was about a week and a half ago. I stopped checking every day, but had to go in this evening to get milk and nearly had a heart attack when I saw Forager and Man-Bat staring at me from 2 full pegs of figures.


I honestly thought this would never happen, and least of all at that store. So far as I can see, without opening them, they look awesome, Imperiex and Batman and Forager in particular. Beast Boy looks to be the most boring, while I expected that of Robot Man, but hey, he's a robot with a human brain, and robots are always cool.

Excuse me while I go open and play with them...


Marissa said...

I'm glad you are so excited. I know how much you wanted these figures.

Scott said...

Hey Ryan - you've won the October Comment Contest at Action Figure Blues! Best way to contact me to claim the prize is through our forum at - look forward to hearing from you!

Scott (Andy)