Monday, October 26, 2009

DCUC 13 Pictures!

This post is supposed to be about something else, like the new figures and comics I've gotten since the last post. Or some more Pic of the Day's, or about GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, which I saw last week.

But it's not. It's about my favorite toy line, DC Universe Classics, by Mattel with the Four Horsemen. Wave 13, to be exact. The lineup was published a few weeks ago, but pictures have only just been released. It's a very demon-y and cleavage-y wave.

Let's start with the cleavage, since this line is still woefully short on female figures. We start off with Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl. It's not the costume I would have preferred, but it looks pretty good, and she strongly resembles Wonder Woman (as she should).

Next up, and a little bit more impressive in the theme, is Classic Cheetah, who is apparently some chick wearing a cheetah skin costume. She's still a woman in a costume. There will also be a Modern Cheetah variant, who if I hear correctly, is somehow actually a cheetah-woman. Cheetah is a Wonder Woman villain.

Also showing quite a bit of cleavage is Cyclotron, a character that was invented solely for the Super Powers toy line of 20 years ago. Apparently, he is also a robot.

The next theme in this wave, is demons. We get a blue demon and a red demon. If I recall what wikipedia said about him when I read it some time ago, Blue Devil was a guy, who wore a blue demon costume for a party or some such, and decided to fight crime in it? And at some point he was actually turned into a demon, or the costume was bonded to him permanently. I don't know, and I don't care, he was pretty cool in that one book I read (Day of Vengeance) and he looks nifty.

Trigon is the Collect & Connect figure for wave 13, and is a big red demon. He also is the father of Raven, from the Teen Titans. No word yet on how large he will be, I'm hoping Chemo sized, but that's probably pushing my luck. I'd guess Lobo/Despero height, maybe Grundy at the best.

Quite possibly the figure I'm looking forward to the most, aside from Trigon, is Superboy, the Superman/Lex Luthor hybrid clone from the Reign of the Supermen story. He is also the last key character we need from said story, the others being: Steel, Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Life Suit Superman (and long hair red/blue Superman), Green Lantern, and Mongol. Okay, I guess technically we're still missing Matrix/Supergirl, though we do have 3 other Sueprgirls to choose from. They're just not the right costume or character.

We also get our first revisit of a character from a previous wave (not counting Superman and Batman): Blue Beetle, the modern Jamie Reyes version, rather than the Ted Kord version we got before. Ted Kord was a great character, but honestly, his costume was nothing more than skin-tight spandex, like 95% of all other comic book characters. Jamie gets a nifty robotic suit, that looks awesome. I like it, and I hear he's a pretty good character too, featuring in the Brave and the Bold, both the comic and tv show by that name.

Finally, some guy from the Doom Patrol, who I've never heard of (both the guy and the team), excluding all the people on the Fwoosh campaigning for figures from said team. Negative Man. He too gets a variant, though there is a lot of (well deserved, in my opinion) complaining about this variant. It is a head variant, in the vein of Firestorm, Wonder Woman/Artemis, Barda, etc, but looks like it would have been better served as a removable face mask, kind of like Cyclotron has a removable chest piece. I would have rather gotten a simple repaint of Wonder Girl in her black star-field costume, others say he should have gotten a full energy variant or some such, but oh well, not much to be done about it. The exposed head is pretty cool looking.

And there you have it, the next most anticipated wave for me, after wave 10 probably, although there are great figures in waves 11 (Kilowog) and 12 (Darkseid), too. Speaking of wave 12, Mattel has released pictures of the 2 variant figures now, pictures of the entire wave can be seen at TNI, until I get around to making a post about them here.

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Marissa said...

I agree with this statement: "It's a very demon-y and cleavage-y wave."

I'm sure you noticed that Blue Beetle and SuperBoy (and the Modern Cheetah variant, but she hardly counts, since she is well enough endowed to not make much of a difference) are the only figures that don't have part of their chest showing.

What is this world coming to? ;)

Otherwise, they look like fun figures.