Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top Ten DCUC Wishlist

Updated for the Sep 2009 Fwoosh Top Ten Poll. Apparently I think DCUC needs more female characters.

On the various forums I frequent we often discuss which figures we'd like to see in our favorite lines, in this case DCUC. The Fwoosh is doing a Top Ten list and will be counting all the votes, and trying to let Mattel know what we want. Since I know what I'm putting now is quite different than last time I'm going to keep track of what I want, so I can see how stuff gets removed because it's made, or because my tastes change.

  1. Huntress (Jim Lee)
  2. Spoiler
  3. Jade
  4. Fatality
  5. Soranik Natu
  6. Lady Shiva
  7. Hawkgirl (modern)
  8. Batwoman (modern)
  9. Killer Frost
  10. Saturn Queen
  11. C&C Atrocitus

Below is a wishlist of all the characters I'm either familiar enough with to want figures of, or I think are visually interesting enough to need figures of.

Alan Scott (Sentinel)

Alex Nero
Animal Man
Arkillo (Sinestro Corps Trainee)

Arkillo (Sinestro Corps)

Atomic Skull

Bane (improved articulation)

Batgirl (Barbara, black/yellow)

Batgirl (Betty Kane, Earth 2)

Batman (Earth 2)

Batman (Justice Lords)
Batman (Sinestro Corps trainee costume)

Batwoman (Earth Two)

Black Adam

Black Canary
Black Orchid

Blue Beetle (modern)
Blue Devil (modern)

Brainiac 13
The Calculator

Calendar Man

Captain Boomerang (modern)
Catwoman (Earth 2)

Catwoman (Knightfall costume)

Catwoman (all other costumes)
Clock King
Cosmic King

David Cain

Donna Troy (Darkstar)

Donna Troy (Infinite Crisis)

Dove (Don Hall)
Dove (Dawn Granger)
Dr Light (hero) Dr Light (villain) Dr Polaris
Dr. Fate

Eradicator (modern)

Felix Faust
Female Furies
Fire (Checkmate)

Fire (Flames)
Fire (Spandex)

Flamebird (Bette Kane, Teen Titans East)

Flamebird (Bette Kane, modern)

Flash (Wally West)
The General

Gentleman Ghost
Giganta (JLU, C&C)
Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)
Green Arrow (Ollie)

Green Lantern (Justice Lords)
Hal Jordan Parallax
Hawk (Hank Hall)
Hawk (Holly Granger)
Hawkgirl (Justice Lords)
Hawkwoman (Shayera)

Huntress (Earth Two)

Huntress (JLA Era)

Huntress (Modern)


Isamot Kol


Jason Blood

John Stewart

Joker (new sculpt)


Katma Tui
The Key

Killer Croc (improved articulation)
Kilowog (C&C)

King Kobra

Kraken, GL from Apocalypse

Kyle Rayner (Jim Lee Costume)

Kyle Rayner (Countdown costume)

Kyle Rayner (Classic costume)

Kyle Rayner Ion

Kyle Rayner Parallax

Kyle Rayner Parallax (yellow)

Lady Shiva (Hush)

Lex Luthor (SuperFriends costume)
Lightning Lord
Mad Hatter
Major Force

Man-Bat (Release the brown Prototype!)

Martian Manhunter (Justice Lords)
Martian Manhunter (classic)

Martian Manhunter (modern)

Mary Marvel (black)

Mary Marvel (white)

Mirror Master

Miss Martian

Ocean Master

OMAC (Infinite Crisis)
Owlman (Crime Syndicate of Amerika, modern)
Phantom Lady
Plastic Man
Poison Ivy

Power Girl (modern)


Ra's Ah Ghul

Ravager (one eye masked)

Ravager (unmasked)

Ravager (two eyes masked)
Raven (Classic)

Raven (purged of evil)

Raven (modern)

Raven (Teen Titans Animated Series)

Raven (Teen Titans Animated Series white)

Red Arrow
Reverse Flash
Robin (Earth 2)

Robin (Earth 2, adult)

Royal Flush Gang (Justice League Animated Series)
Royal Flush Gang (Batman Beyond)

Saturn Girl

Saturn Queen
Shadow Thief
Shasha Bordeaux (Checkmate)
Shasha Bordeaux (OMAC)
Shinning Knight
Silver Banshee Sinestro Corps Anti-Monitor Sinestro Corps Cyborg Sinestro Corps Mongol
The Spectre (Hal Jordan, large C&C)

Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire (modern)
Starro Superboy (Reign of the Supermen)
Superboy (Infinite Crisis)

Superboy Prime (Infinite Crisis)

Superboy Prime (Sinestro Corps)
Superman (Godfall) Superman (Justice Lords)
Superman (Kryptonite Suit)
Superman (One Million) Superwoman (Crime Syndicate of Amerika, modern) The Shade Toyman (Super Friends) Trickster Trigon Ultraman (Crime Syndicate of Amerika, modern) Ultra-Humanite (C&C)
Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) & Scarface

Ventriloquist (Peyton Riley) & Scarface

Weather Wizard

Wonder Girl (Cassie, modern)
Wonder Woman (Justice Lords)
Zatanna (Corset/Tux)

Zatanna (Perez)


Zod (Superman: For Tomorrow)



Gillian said...

I have no idea what you are talking about BUT I love the pictures of Elayna & Katie. I can't believe how small newborns are even though we just had one four months ago...don't forget to tell Elayna about her best buddy Peter.

Jonathan said...

Isn't there anyone who makes custom action figures? We should make a Peter and Elayna set and they can FIGHT!

Marissa said...

Lots of neat pictures. It will be fun to see some of those characters in figure form.

Anonymous said...

hi umm i have a myspace page and i wanna add pictures of my favroite cartoon charactor do you know how
my nick name is Raven please reply at thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice artwork...where did the Earth 2 'Batman family' group shot originate? I've never seen that shot before.

ryanlb said...

Unfortunately, I have no idea where it came from, or who drew it, I found it on the internet somewhere, some time ago, and it actually didn't save completely, the bottom portion got cut off.

It's part of a a picture with Batman and family in the various costumes they've had over the years. I love it, and really wish I knew who drew it.

It looks to me like it might be Ed Benes, or someone with similar art.

The entire image (as much as I have) can be seen here:
Bat Family

Chris said...

Hey i found this
for the bat family

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

Two words:

Big Barda.

-Uncle Milo

Anonymous said...

You Forgot Harley Quinn

ryanlb said...

Harley Quinn was released in wave 2, and I already own her. I'd buy her in her Arkham Asylum out fit though.

Anonymous said...

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