Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Stuff, New Monsters, New Figures, New Toys

Busy week (or three) of acquiring figures without posting about them, since the birth of the child trumped everything else. But I have been buying stuff, quite a bit of stuff, and more importantly, I started collecting a new line. Read on to find out more and see pictures!

First off, I completed my second Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure, Onslaught, and I mostly completed blue Apocalypse, just waiting on one of the legs in the mail, I have all the pieces to the black Apocalypse, but the lower torso is connected to a blue upper torso, so I need to separate them before I can assemble him. But Onslaught is great.

Finally received DCSH Brainiac(!!) and Supergirl (see this post for Lex Luthor and Two-Face.

In other DC news Derek found some of DCUC Wave 3 for me.
Robin (Tim Drake)
Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
Slade Wilson, Deathstroke the Terminator, unmasked variant
Up close, because the face just looks amazing to me. He also found Green Lantern, but the paint's not great, so I'm going to try to find a better one, then I just need Sinestro to finish off Grundy.

New Line for me

Now, for the new line. I'd seen this line before in stores, but never really paid it any attention, because it was a G.I. Joe line, and I just have never been interested in it that much. There are two very awesome replica swords based on the two characters that have always interested me the most, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, and I've wanted to have a figure of each to go with them, but the 3-3/4 inch figures just haven't interested me enough to pursue them.

Then I was made to notice Sigma 6. Large, 8 inch figures based on a new GI Joe animated series. They're a great scale, reasonably detailed, reasonably priced, and extremely accessorized. And that last point was the convincing point for me. Each of these comes with so many accessories, weapons, gear, etc, that I could not turn them down. It helps that the figures are well articulated and priced. I've used a lot of money that was supposed to be set aside for DCUC figures buying them left and right over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, the line is currently on hiatus, but that means there's a limit to the number of figures and amount of money I can spent on it (unless they revive it).

So, what do they look like?
Snake Eyes
As you can see comes with two large swords, two sheaths for said swords, a short sword and sheath, and an uzi. What you don't see is that his visor is removable, and that he has two more visors. The large swords have a fold out handle that allows him to hold them parallel to his arms. He also has two suction cup things for his hands with which he can 'climb', a grappling hook with a nice long string, and another contraption that I can't find the words to explain. He also comes with a storage locker (with custom cut foam) to store his accessories. All for a retail price of $15, though in this case I got a group of 4 figures for $20 off eBay.

Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow has a katana with sheath, a wakizashi sword with sheath, two sai, a chest strap that holds either sheath and the two sai, a staff with open ends that the swords can attach two, a grappling hook, 2 hand climbing claws and 2 feet climbing claws, a small wooden stand for the swords, and nunchuks with fold-out blades. And cloth pants that I had removed for that picture.

So, the new ones from the last week. Snake Eyes' apprentice Kamakura.

Iron Grenadier

Cobra Commander Battlefield General

Sigma Strike Duke with Power Armor

Ninja Armor Snake Eyes (with extra accessories)

One of my favorites, and one of the more difficult rare ones to find on eBay, that I was lucky to find at KMart (on clearance no less) Dark Ninja Master

Now if you'll notice, Dark Ninja Master has a lot of yellow weapons. I don't know why they're yellow, why his giant cleaver has a plasticky yellow blade, but I didn't like it. So I began tweaking them a bit.

The Kanji on the two blades were already present, one recessed and one not. Those blades use flat black for the bulk of the blade, and the edged part is glossy, metallic black. I'm still going to do more to the ridiculously long blade, add some black and metallic red to the handle.

I really like these figures, they're a lot of fun to play with, and the bucket-load of accessories really helps sell these for me. I plan to get a lot of these figures, characters I wouldn't normally be very interested in, because of the great items they come with.

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