Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Buffy! - Updated

I've been reading my cousin's blog for a while now (Rish's Ramblings on the menu to your right). He's in the middle of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and he blogs about each episode after he sees them. I've seen lots of Buffy, and reading his blog has really made me remember how much I enjoyed and miss the show. It's really motivated me to watch them again, so last night when I was up hanging out with him we watched two random episodes (after watching Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock), and he lent me his Season 1 DVDs.

I have wanted to watch them in order for a while, and hoped to do so with Marissa, so she could enjoy the greatest TV series ever, with the possible exception of Firefly which she did watch with me and enjoy. Tonight I wanted to watch the first episode with her, and she was willing so we snuggled up under a blanket (because our TV is in the basement, where it is COLD, and started it up. It brought back a lot of fun memories, getting to know the characters (all of the main characters are great, and I love them all). It also reminded me that the first episode ends on a cliffhanger, so we had to watch the second episode to know if Buffy escaped certain death (it was Marissa's idea to continue).

Of course Buffy survived, and saved the day, and made new friends, and everything was fine. It was close to 11pm and time for Marissa to be going to bed, but we were both hungry, and were enjoying the show, so we nuked some frozen corn dogs and watched the next episode, which was also fun. I hope Marissa enjoyed it as much as I did, even though I've seen all of season one before. I won't be doing a lengthy synopsis like Derek is, and I probably won't mention this too many more times, but every once in a while, when we watch a particularly good/fun/moving/etc episode, I may talk about it.

I strongly urge anyone that's seen and enjoyed Firefly or Serenity to consider watching Joss Whedon's other, more popular, much longer running series Buffy (and maybe it's spin-off Angel - I've only seen one or two episodes, but from what Derek writes, it's pretty darn good). It really is a great show.

Update: Well, we finished Season One tonight, in only 4 sittings we watched all 12 episodes. Derek says that this is probably the least good season of them all, and it probably is—shows often get better as they get into the swing of things—but it was still really good. I really enjoyed getting to watch them again. Now, on to Season Two, as soon as I steal the DVDs from Derek.

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Marissa said...

I did enjoy watching the episodes. As shown by the fact that out of the 12 episodes we borrowed, we only have 3 left. And that was 3 days ago, and we haven't watched any today.
I tend to want to watch all of them at once.
That also might explain why I'm so tired today. :)