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Episode III - Revenge of the Collection

Episode III: Revenge of the Collection

And only 5 months late! Not to mention that the pics are probably even older than that. But, I started this project a long time ago, and dagnabit I'm going to finish it, so I can move on and post the new pictures I took a couple of days ago. And instead of using tacky spoofs on Star Wars movie names (I just realized this should really be Episode 2.5 - Collection Wars) I'll get to come up with tacky spoofs on other movies - maybe I can use Batman (Collection, Collection Returns, Collection Forever, Collection and Robin? That doesn't work, but then again, I don't count that movie among the Batman movies either), or Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Collection, The Two Collections (The Collection Towers?), Return of the Collection (oh wait, I'll be using that one with the Star Wars theme). Apparently I need other, better ideas.

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Just get to the pictures already!

Okay, okay. Relax, sheesh. Take some Ritalin or something.

McQuarrie Concept Figures

2007 saw the release of some great Star Wars figures by Hasbro. Hasbro did a very collector oriented sub-line in the Basic Figure line with the Ralph McQuarrie Signature Series, which was basically figures done to match Ralph's great concept artwork. There were 12 or so figures released throughout the year, these are the four I got, and a special Boba Fett figure.
From the top, Boba Fett done in the animated coloring of his Holiday Special and Droids and Ewoks appearances, McQuarrie Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Snowtrooper. Also, a neato sketch of Vader and the Heroes my sister-in-law got me for Christmas a few years back.

Some board games

Thankfully, I don't collect board games anymore, even if they are Star Wars related (I believe there are 2 more SW Monopoly versions due out this year). But I did for a little while. I was going to tell you what they all are, but you can just read the labels for yourselves (click the picture for a really big version that will make it easier).

Only he could be so bold

What do we have here? Ah yes, my Darth Vader shelf. SW Transformer Vader/Vader's TIE fighter and Action Fleet Vader's TIE are sitting atop the three Vader mini sabers by Master Replicas (Eps III, IV, and V, unfortunately they gave up the SW license before they could get the Ep VI saber out the door). The Gentle Giant ROTS Vader mini bust sits in front of that. Next to the display we've got one of Hasbro's Unleashed Vader figures (the cool Bespin version), Hasbro's Titanium Vader's TIE, the Hoth Unleashed Battle Pack Vader, next to that the chrome Titanium Vader's TIE which sits in front of a Hasbro Vader (looks like one of the 2006-2007 ROTS version) which is in front of the Riddell mini Vader Helmet (which disassembles!)

The next section has the other two of my favorite Vader collectibles, the Gentle Giant Animated Vader maquette, and the Medicom VCD SuperDeformed Vader. Also present are two mroe Hasbro Vader figures - the left is the ANH version, and the one with red eyes and blue highlights is from Hasbro's first wave of comic packs in 2007, from the old, old Marvel comics. We've also go the Tomy mini helmet with the dome removed (because it won't stay on), one of the GG Vader bust-ups, the Titanium Vader's Sith Starfighter (Ep 3 Jedi Starfighter repaint), and misc little Vader figures from Micro Machines playsets, or hologram pack-ins, etc.

More pictures of most of the items on this shelf can be seen in this post, and I wrote up a review of the Riddell Vader helmet on the Star Wars Action News Forums which I should reproduce here one of these days.

My Vader shelf has changed significantly since the picture was taken, in some ways for the better, in some for the worse. All of the regular Hasbro figures were sold, except for the comic version, as well as the Unleashed figure (which gave everybody a little more breathing room), also the GG animated maquette (cry!). I acquired the GG Chrome Vader mini bust (which looks real nice next to the Chrome TIE Fighter, though that may be leaving one of these days. To fill up the extra space one of my Spawn and Green Lantern figures moved in.

The Sith shall rise again!

Oh yeah, I just remembered/realized that the theme of this set of pictures was supposed to be The Sith. This shelf is where Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine reside. Unfortunately, it got a little washed out by the flash. Starting in the back we've got the Acme Archives Dooku character key, the Hasbro Dooku figure (from the Sith Evolutions pack), the Dooku Unleashed figure), the Galactic Heroes Dooku, and the M&M Dooku. Starting off the Lord Sidious section is the Unleashed Emperor Palpatine with his excessively windblown robes and Sith Lightning, and a whole bunch of Senator/Emperor/Palpatine/Sidious Hasbro figures, which I'm not even going to attempt to name.

Of note is the GG Darth Sidious bust-up, from the duel with Yoda scene in Ep 3, which sits in front of the Medicom Kubrick Palpatine, and next to the GG Anakin bust-up from the same series. Also very noteworthy is the GG Palpatine mini bust, also from the Senate Duel scene. Unfortunately, when I cut back on spending money I didn't have, that was one of the first items I sold to help pay off credit card debt. Much sadness :(. However, it's also at the top of my list to re-acquire, once I have paid off my debts, and saved up the money to pay for it. It can also be seen that several clones share this shelf with the Sith, and since those sections have only changed for the more figures I will cover those in depth in a later post (hopefully there won't be so much light in the updated pictures. Suffice it to say that the orange troops are the clones that served with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau, and the grey ones are those assigned to Coruscant.

Mess 'O Figures

And we come to the last picture, the Darth Maul display, which was quickly corrupted and filled in by other stuff that needed a place to sit. But it's all great stuff, so it deserves a mention. From left to right, back to front: Sideshow Anakin 12 inch figure (has since left my possession, the Hasbro Unleashed Darth Maul (also no longer in my possession), the SDCC exclusive 501st Legion Stormtrooper figure by Hasbro. Next row, the Sideshow/Weta Workshop Balrog Flame of Udun statue that my buddy in New Zealand that actually works for Weta hooked me up with - I love this statue, next is the Sideshow 12 inch Darth Maul figure (very awesome), my former Master Replicas Darth Maul FX saber (modded with removable blades, since sold), and the US version Gentle Giant Darth Maul statue.

Next, Ninja Spawn 2 right behind Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero right behind GG Darth Malak mini bust (also no longer mine), Mandarin Spawn repaint behind Mandarin Spawn II behind Movie Spawn. GG Darth Maul mini bust (sold!) behind Hasbro's Holographic Maul with holo-projector (gone!) behind Necro Cop from Spawn Series 31. Master Replicas .45 scale Darth Maul saber holding up Nazi Kroenen from Hellboy, the Transformers Maul/Sith Interceptor, Titanium Interceptor (on eBay right now!), a Hasbro Maul, Holographic Maul (gone) and Medicom's VCD Shadow Stormtrooper. In front of the GG Maul Statue we have the Maul from the Evolutions pack (for sale now with the Transformer and Titanium), the Kotobukiya Darth Maul which I got for a steal of a deal 50% of the retail $100, the exclusive Republic Commandos Maquette, and the Hasbro EE exclusive Republic Commandos figures. And probably a couple other odds 'n ends I missed or skipped over.

Thanks for reading, or at least looking at the pretty pictures. Come back again sometime, maybe I'll have part 4 up.


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I still think you have a lot of stuff, but reading through your lists, it looks like you've sold quite a few. That's great! I :)

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