Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Halo 3 Need List

Since I'm on a needlist making kick, I might as well do one for the McFarlane Toys Halo 3 figures. As Hasbro learned with the Clone Troopers, and Joyride learned with the previous Halo series, it appears that McFarlane has realized they can make one cool figure and repaint it many times and sell it over and over again. They've gone a step farther and indroduced multiple armor variations as well. When series one was announced there were 3 armor variations, but with the announcement of series two they've upped the armor count to 6. Yes, SIX ARMOR variations that I have to buy in at least TWO COLORS, possibly three. If ever there was justification to not collect all 17ish colors this is it. Nevermind the fact that I draw the line at collecting pink and mauve armored troopers.

Mostly I'm focusing on Blue and Red multi-player Spartan figures and Master Chief. I'll also be getting a few of the White Sparans, and maybe one or two of the other exclusive colors, and a few aliens - but only the really cool, armored ones.

Spartan Armor Styles

Close Quarter Battle Armor (CQB)
EOD Armor
EVA Armor
Mark VI Armor - the standard armor
Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST)

Blue Spartan - Walmart Exclusive

So far as has been announced, all blue and cyan Spartans will be exclusively available from Walmart - hopefully they'll sell them on Walmart.com.

Series 1 Mark VI Spartan
Series 1 CQB Spartan

Series 2 EOD Spartan

Series 3? Scout

Gentle Giant Halo 3 Mini Bust

Red Spartan

Luckily the Red Spartans will be available to any retailer, so I shouldn't have any problems getting these.

Series 1 Mark VI Spartan
Series 1 EVA Spartan
Series 2 CQB Spartan

Gentle Giant Halo 3 Mini Bust

Master Chief

He's the main character from the single-player levels, so I gotta have him.

Series 1
Series 2

Gentle Giant Halo 3 Mini Bust

White Spartan

Available only to specialty retailers, like comic book shops. I'll probably pick all mine up from CornerStoreComics.com, although it's possible F.Y.E. will also have them - but who knows at what price.

series 1 Mark VI Spartan
Series 2 EVA Spartan

Misc Spartans

This is the section for any other multi-player Spartans figures that catch my interest that aren't mentioned above. For example: Transworld stores will be getting gold colored Spartans - could be interesting, but I won't know until we see pics, but if I do want a couple of those this is where they'll be.

McFarlane Collector's Club Exclusive Active Camoflage EVA Spartan

Series 2 TRU Exclusive Brown EVA Spartan

Series 2 Transworld (FYE) Exclusive Gold Mark VI Spartan



Series 1 Brute Chieftain
Series 2 Brute Stalker


Series 1 Grunt green
Series 1 Grunt orange

Misc Aliens

Series 2 Arbiter

Aliens I'm not sure I want or not

Series 2 Drone


Mar 7: My first set of Halo 3 figures arrived from CornerStoreComics.com, so I was able to scratch off the Red EVA, White Mark VI, and Master Chief. Since I apparently never came back and finished this post with the Covenant figures I wanted, I didn't get to mark off the green Grunt and Brute Chieftain.
Mar 14: Received my Red Mark VI from CSC.com. Also, earlier this week I got the Blue Mark VI from Derek who picked it up for me a week or so ago. Further, yesterday I made arrangements with someone from the GGC forums to acquire the Blue CQB figure, so yippee!
Mar 15: Updated with Series 1 & 2 aliens.
Mar 28: In preparation for pictures of series 3 today, I marked off all of series one (since I received them all within the last couple of weeks) and removed figures I have decided not to get (Jackal Sniper and Gamestop CQB.


Marissa said...

I'm glad you are JUST getting red and blue guys,... and maybe some clear, and white and gold and steel colored ones. :)

Larry_Chimp_Man said...

I picked up MC, Cortana, and a Grunt on Wednesday but still need to pick up some of the exclusives. The blue, white, and red Mark VIs look amazing and will most likely be the three figures I look for the hardest. I'm also a fan of the camo EVA exclusive although I missed the pre-order period and will most likely have to pay a hefty price on eBay when it's released.

You've got a great blog going here man, keep up the awesome work.


-Larry_Chimp_Man from MediaZEALOT

RamiFede said...
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RamiFede said...

"Series 2 TRU Exclusive Brown EVA Spartan"

"Brown EVA"

Eva Brown. Hitler's wife