Saturday, January 20, 2007

Revenge of the Clones?

My love of Clones comes back to haunt me, or rather, to haunt my credit card, in the form of the exclusive Republic Commando Maquette.

Republic Commando Maquette #491 of 513 has arrived!

And I even bothered to take pictures of it. I blame the purchase on having finally gotten around to playing the game a couple of months ago. Had I not played the game I'd have been MUCH less likely to buy this. In short - this thing is AWESOME. While it is overall the size I expected, the figures themselves are larger than I anticipated, make it appear bigger than I expected. As always, click the image for the larger version. First, a color study. Boss compared to the box image. The one on the right definitely looks pink to me. You can also see the box was scrunched a little on the bottom corner. Compared to Sev he's an orange color, but not compared to the box art. Boss, from the front, just to see what he looks like. And from the back, so you can see the number on his backpack. Boss and Scorch, since they are the two loose figures. You can almost see the number on Scorch's pack. A scale comparison. Saga Scorch vs Maquette Scorch (and Boss). Sev and Fixer came attached to the base, as seen below. Boss was then added to the group. Finally, Scorch was placed with the rest of his squad. Unfortunately, for some reason most of these ended up a little blurry. :( And a final size comparison. This picture started out as as the Maquette vs the Saga Scorch, but then I thought I'd throw in a Gentle Giant Maquette to compare the sizes, and from there it got out of hand. So this pic includes a few of my previously un-photographed Gentle Giant items. Anyone know where I could get an acrylic dust cover for this (at least, until Ikea opens)? And the moral of the story is, that my camera is decent, and if I hold it steady (using a tripod or resting it on a box - though even then too many of them were blurry) I can take decent pictures with it, I need a good backdrop. That, and if you can afford it, or if you can almost afford it, you should grab this while you can at

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Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.