Friday, January 19, 2007

Coming Soon...

For my own organization, this is a list of things I currently have on order. Hopefully, seeing the massive amount of stuff I'm waiting on will help me stop spending money. Riddell Darth Vader Mini Helmet Gentle Giant Boba Fett Statue – #1514 of 6500 Gentle Giant Biker Scout Statue – #192 of 5000 Gentle Giant Royal Guard Statue – #293 of 3500 Gentle Giant Coruscant Clone Trooper Mini Bust x2 - #'s 479 & 480 of 2500 Gentle Giant Jango Fett Mini Bust x2 - #'s 7537 & 7538 of 9000 Gentle Giant Darth Maul Mini Bust - #5768 of 10000 Gentle Giant General Grievous Mini Bust - #6466 of 7000 Gentle Giant Stormtrooper Animated Maquette - #439 of 4000 Gentle Giant Ringwraith Mini Bust - #632 of 2000 Gentle Giant Balrog Mini Bust - # of 3000 - Coming Soon Gentle Giant Saruman Animated Maquette - #1019 of 1500 Gentle Giant Saruman Mini Bust - # of 3000 Gentle Giant Clone Wars Bust-ups - Red ARC Trooper x2 Gentle Giant Clone Wars Clones Bust-ups Box Set x2 Gentle Giant AOTC Clones Bust-ups Box Set Gentle Giant ROTS Clones Bust-ups Box Set Gentle Giant Stormtrooper Mini Bust – #3897 of 10,000 Master Replicas Anakin LE – #680 of 4500 Lot of 10 Master Replicas mini sabers Master Replicas .45 Scale Ep IV Luke Saber Master Replicas .45 Scale Ep IV Vader Saber Master Replicas .45 Scale Gold Ep III Vader Saber Master Replicas .45 Scale Exclusive Dark Chrome Sidious Saber Master Replicas .45 Scale Exclusive Dark Chrome Anakin Saber Master Replicas Trio Display Case for .45 Scale Sabers x3 Master Replicas .33 Scale Stormtrooper Blaster Custom Display Case for Master Replicas .45 Scale CS Darth Maul Saber Sideshow Asajj Ventress 12inch Figure - Coming Soon Hasbro Unleashed General Grievous Hasbro Republic Commandos Scene Box Set x2 SDCC Exclusive Gold Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Titanium Yes, I definitely spend far too much money on this collecting habit of mine. At least it's spread out over the next six months.
Began crossing out items as they arrive.

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