Monday, August 13, 2007

Collection Updates

Wow, 4 months since my last post. I'm far too lazy to have a blog. Lets see if I can come up with a list of everything I've purchased, ordered and canceled since then. On one hand, it should be easier as I've tried to cut back, even canceling some items that I had several of on order or that I no longer feel I can afford to buy. On the other hand, I've gotten into Spawn, McFarlane Dragons and Halo more, probably spending a little more than I should have.

Canceled pre-orders

Lord of the Rings

GG Rinwraith on Horse Animaquette GG Elrond mini bust GG Balrog mini bust GG Saruman mini bust

Star Wars

GG Royal Guard mini bust GG Senate Guard mini bust GG Boba Fett Classic bust GG TIE Fighter Pilot Classic bust (of course, all of the above I had multiple orders for, so one of each of them is still on order) GG Biker Scout Kustomz - I'm dropping this line completely, I have accepted the fact that it looks like crap

New Orders


Halo 2 Red Spartan on eBay Aside from that, I haven't pre-ordered any new Halo stuff, not the McFarlane Figures (though I will be getting some of them, just no need to order them just yet), not the Kotobukiya Statue (though I also want that), nor the full size weapons. Oh, speaking of weapons, I did order the two Scaled Halo 3 Weapon props by Master Replicas

Lord of the Rings

The Sauron Mini Bust on display at San Diego Comic Con has not been put up for pre-order yet, so I haven't ordered that yet, and have passed on all the other items so far.

McFarlane Spawn & Dragons

I have so far resisted ordering the Series 6 Ice Dragon (though I want it SO badly, I just haven't wanted to pay $18 for it), nor have I pre-ordered the Series 7 Ice Dragon. Neither have I yet pre-ordered the Spawn Series 32 figs I want - Raven Spawn and Commando Spawn (I cannot wait to see pics of Series 33, Ancient Egypt) Somebody is supposed to be sending me Series 5 Sorcerer Clan Dragon I've got a couple Spawn figures on the way - Mandarin Spawn 2, Commando Spawn 2, and am in negotiations to trade for several of the earlier ones.

Star Wars

Let's see, what I have I ordered... No new GG mini busts (that I can think of) Oh, the Entertainment Earth 14 pack (whatever it's called) I can't think of any other SW that's on order. Hmm... Oh yeah, MR SDCC Exclusive Shadow Stormtrooper Mini Helmet

And on to the Newly Acquired stuff


Halo for the PC, pretty fun game Halo 2 White Spartan (blue highlights, if you care) Halo 2 Blue Spartan (orange highlights)

Lord of the Rings

GG Gandalf mini bust GG Strider mini bust x2 GG Animated Saruman Maquette GG Promo Ringwraith mini bust - thanks to the most awesome guy in New Zealand, Daniel Falconer Sideshow/Weta Mouth of Sauron bust - also thanks to Daniel(who is awesome) Sideshow/Weta Balrog, Flame of Udun statue - which is awesome, again thanks to Daniel (who is more awesome than I can say)


GG Venom Mini Bust World of Kong book, signed by its author Daniel Falconer and many of its collaborators

Spawn & Dragons

Pretty much every dragon I have has come since my last post: Series 5 Eternal Clan Series 3 Sorcerer Clan Series 1 Eternal Clan Series 2 Komodo Clan Spawn IV (Masked) Scorpion Assassin Issue 007 cover art Spawn (this one just came today!) Raven Spawn (Original deco, also just came today) 3" Raven Spawn (red version) Necro Cop Mandarin Spawn 1 (Original deco) Series 29 Ninja Spawn Raven Spawn 2

Star Wars

GG Stormtrooper Animated maquette GG Blackhole Stormtrooper Animated Maquette GG Biker Scout mini bust GG Jango Fett mini bust GG Commander Gree mini bust <-- Yippee! GG Commander Cody mini bust <-- Also Yippee! GG Coruscant Clone mini bust GG Darth Malak Mini bust Medicom VCD Shadow Stormtrooper Medicom VCD Royal Guard Medicom VCD ESB Boba Fett Kotobukiya Commander Bly statue Kotobukiya Darth Maul statue Hasbro Republic Commandos figure pack. Acme Archives SDCC Exclusive Sandtrooper Character Key Acme Archives CE Exclusive TIE Pilot Character key A few Hasbro SW Transformers some Hasbro figures, and undoubtedly there's something else I've forgotten. Oh well. Edit: Of course, I forgot something. The Royal Guard Costume I order freaking 8 months ago has finally arrived. I had long since decided to sell it (if it ever came) but now that it is here I have been rethinking my decision, and just a couple of days ago I submitted my preliminary application to the 501st Legion. I guess I still ordered/received a lot of stuff over the last few months, but much of it is for sale, I'm trying to trim back some of my lines, develop tighter rules about what I can and cannot buy, and am selling off the stuff that can't abide by my rules.

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Marissa said...

Sweetheart, I am proud of you for canceling some of your orders. I know it wasn't easy.