Friday, February 16, 2007

Lord Vader…Rise

With the induction of Medicom's VCD Super Deformed Darth Vader figure into my collection (thanks to my lovely wife) my Vader collection is complete. That is, until Gentle Giant releases their new Vader statue. Left to right: TAC Comic Pack Vader , TSC (UGH 2006) Vader, Galactic Hero Vader, Kubrick Vader Hasbro Unleashed Darth Vader Gentle Giant (ROTS) Vader Mini Bust Gentle Giant (ROTS) Vader Mini Bust and Gentle Giant Animated Vader Maquette Medicom VCD Super Deformed Vader My Realistic Vaders My Stylized Vaders Master Replicas Vader Mini Sabers (ROTS, ANH, ESB, gold ROTS) and Luxeon Vader FX

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That's cool man. I wish things had went better for my complete Asajj collection I was going for, but like I said in my last long-ago entry, seeing how much the out of print giclees and cels go for these days, and putting more important things first, that ain't gonna happen for a long time.

Maybe in 18 years when my daughter moves out...