Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Another TokuNation.com Photo Gallery: Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank

I made another SH Figuarts gallery for TokuNation, Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank form

In Kamen Rider Ryuki, Shinjo Kido discovers an Advent Deck shortly before learning he is being hunted by Dragredder, a powerful dragon creature that lives in a Mirror World. Using the Seal Advent Card to protect himself from Dragredder, Shinji begins to learn about the Mirror World and the monsters that live there, preying on the humans of the real world.

He uses the Advent deck to access the Mirror World and summons a sword to attack a Spider Monster. The sword shatters because he lacks a contract with a Monster, which would lend him its power. After seeing a child weeping over the loss of her mother, consumed by the Spider Monster, Shinji destroys the Seal card that protects him from Dragredder, and forges a contract with the beast, using the blank Contract Card, becoming Kamen Rider Ryuki; his goal, to protect humanity from the Mirror Monsters. What he doesn't yet know, is that not all Kamen Riders share his goal.

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