Sunday, June 05, 2011

What I Got This Week

Not much to report this week. I'm trying to avoid the new Transformers movie figures (DOTM), for a variety of reasons, but this week I determined that I will be buying the wave 3 Thundercracker when I find it, and I may end up buying the movie deco Starscream, though I'd rather wait to see if they do a G1-esque paint job. I also caved and bought the Voyager class Skyhammer, because helicopters are cool, but then I returned it a couple of days later because I have no money, and also because FansProject announced a clear version of their Protector armor upgrade for Classics Hot Rod, and it is AWESOME. I pre-ordered it immediately.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have the clear Hot Rot to go with it. I also bought a TRU exclusive Legends class 4 pack, because it has a repaint of Cybertron Legends Starscream, which is a great looking figure, but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it, as it may be a repack, not a repaint, and I found somebody that's selling me 4 other versions of that mold, Starscream, Sunspot, Ramjet, and Skywarp. So I may not need this new one, if it's the same version of Starscream.

The only other things I got this week came in the mail, so I technically purchased them last week: I finally got Ame Comi Harley Quinn (for the second time actually, but the first one was damaged and returned), along with Cheetah (which I probably won't keep) and Hawkgirl (which I already have, but the wing is broken, so I have to either sell the broken one, or fix it and sell the good one). Also got Mortal Kombat: Deception, and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the XBox, and they've been a lot of fun so far.

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