Friday, April 08, 2011

Pic of the Day 178

Zatanna, Ame Comi Statue by DC Direct.

While I liked the look of this figure, I wasn't necessarily planning on getting it, but though a set of somewhat complicated events I ended up getting this figure for $10. And it was absolutely worth that price, being even better in person than I expected it to be.

Check out all the neat detailing on her cuffs, lapels, hat band, and those ribbon things have a different pattern on them, which is neat. Notice her shoes, and her fishnet stockings are actual material, not just painted on.

In fact, if you follow the ribbon things around to the back, the detailing on them is interesting. Plus she's got some kind of frosted detailing on the ends of her coattails. Also, take look at those nifty shoes.

For more pictures, visit the Zatanna Ame Comi page on my collecting wiki

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Marissa said...

She is a fun figure. I like the detailing.