Monday, January 17, 2011

Song of the Week 7

End Titles - Blade Runner - 1994

According to, Vangelis started writing music at age 4, and performed his first live concert at age 6. That's pretty impressive. I've heard only 3 of his albums, one is really quite good, one is mediocre, and the third had only one song I liked. Oh, and the theme to 1492 - Conquest of Paradise was also really good. The Blade Runner soundtrack is the mediocre one, unfortunately, I don't particularly care for most of the music (nor the movie, for that matter), but it does have one of my most favoritest songs ever, the song that got me interested in Vangelis in the first place, off a soundtrack compilation CD. The track in question, is the End Titles piece.

End Titles - Blade Runner - Vangelis

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Marissa said...

Kind of a pretty song, but I probably wouldn't listen to it if you didn't put it on.