Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Song of the Week 4

Over the Hills and Far Away- Nightwish - 2000

In 2001 Nightwish released the EP Over the Hills and Far Away, consisting mainly of live tracks from the previous tour, but with a couple new pieces. According to wikipedia, after recording this album, the bassist left the band due to creative differences between himself and the composer/keyboard player. He was replaced by Marco Hielata who also took on the male vocalist role. Marco is still a member of the band.

The song I have chosen from this album is actually a remake of a song from the first album, Angels Fall First, mainly with new lyrics, but also signficantly, having a guest vocalist take the male parts, as Tuomas (the aforementioned keyboardist and composer) never liked how his voice sounded on the first albums.

Every few weeks my favorite Nightwish song changes, but this version of Astral Romance was for a very long time, and still might be, my favorite piece by the band. Well, except for the one from Once, which is probalby my most favoritest song of all time. But we'll get there in a few weeks.

Astral Romance - Over the Hills and Far Away - Nightwish

A nocturnal concerto
Candlelight whispers me where to go
Hymn of gathering stars as my guide
As I wander on this path of the night

Embroidery of the stars
Undress my feelings for this earth
Send me your salva to heal my scars
And let this nakedness me my birth

Macrocosm poured its powers on me
And the hopes of this world I now must leave
The nightwish I sent you centuries ago
Has been heard by those who dwelled in a woe

The distance of our bridal bed
Await for me to be dead
Dust of the galaxies take my hand
Lead me to my beloved's land

"The constant longing for your touch
This bitter ocean of hatred and pain
This loneliness I need to be who I am"

"The oceans are alone as I
Somebody take away this gift of mine
No charisma for the beast! But still I love you forevermore"

"Come to me
Deliver me from you
And from all the days of the Earth"

No last words to say
Only memories remain
A farewell then, my path goes forever on

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