Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pic of the Day 123 - Star Wars Week

Shadow Stormtrooper, .45 scale Mini Helmet, by Master Replicas.

I love the mini helmet line that Master Replicas started right before they lost the Star Wars license. The scale was perfect for me, not nearly as large and bulky (and expensive) as the full scale helmet replicas, they fit on any shelf, and are still plenty large to allow lots of detailing and heft to them. Unfortunately, they only made around 9 or 10 of them before they failed to renew the Star Wars license, so there are several helmets I would have liked to see, that we never got, like Jango Fett's or an Episode II Clone trooper, a TIE Fighter Pilot or AT-AT Driver. Speaking of the TIE Fighter Pilot helmet, it was in the works, and would have been one of the next helmets released. Curiously, a company by the name of Riddell had the license for mini helmets serveral years ago, they released four, and then canceled the line. The next helmet due to be released, already in production but never fully completed, was the TIE Fighter Pilot.

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Marissa said...

Maybe the TIE helmet is cursed.

These are a good size. Good for display and detail, just like you said. ;)