Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pic of the Day 89 - DCUC Chemo

Chemo, the Collect & Connect figure from DCUC Wave 9, by Mattel

Had a great streak of good luck last night, in finding wave 9 at Walmart. Got all 7 characters, only one version of Mantis and Wildcat was present, but it was the version of Mantis I wanted the most (Super Powers), so I'm extremely happy.

Chemo is my favorite of the C&Cs since Metallo. Yes, cooler than Kalibak and Solomon Grundy, Chemo rocks!


Bubbashelby said...

SWEET! I hope I can find this whole series and make a Chemo too.

REALLY looking forward to finding Wildcat!

Marissa said...

Now I see why we thought there were little green balls inside Chemo. It is the molding on the outside. Chemo looks really cool. I can understand why you like it so much

JBL said...

I like the more Gigerian version of Chemo,used to create this figure, which has supplanted the Andru/Esposito design of the 1960s -- but none of the new Metal Men designs have really got it right!