Monday, June 22, 2009

Pic of the Day 74

Batman Beyond, DCUC Wave 4 (Despero Wave), by Mattel

Batman Beyond is among the greatest animated shows ever, as such, I was really looking forward to this figure, and it doesn't disappoint. Except for the plain silver batarang, which should be black and red. I painted this one, but obviously after I took this picture. It looks better now.

There is also an unmasked variant of this figure, originally exclusively available from KB Toys, but they went out of business prematurely, so Mattel recently made the figure available to other retailers, and it is currenlty showing up at Walmarts, in wave 7 revision cases.

"Look, you may be used to dealing with freaks and monsters, but I'm a little new at this." - Batman (Terry McGuinnis

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Marissa said...

Oh, I miss Terry. I really liked this animated series.