Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pic of the Day 61

Commander Bacara, Baltimore Comic Con exclusive, mini bust by Gentle Giant

Remember Kids: Pillage, THEN Burn.

This mini bust is one of five exclusive Clone Commander mini busts that Gentle Giant released in 2007. I'm over it, but at the time there was a lot of hard feelings towards Gentle Giant from the fans, for releasing five highly desired characters (you know, the only clones with actual identities in the film) as exclusive items in much more limited numbers than other mini busts at the time. This one was only sold at Baltimore Comic Con, Bly was available at Forbidden Planet, a store in London, Cody was at San Diego Comic Con, Gree at Star Wars Celebration IV, and the one that garnered the most ire from the fans, Commander Neyo was only available at Blister in Tokyo, and it the smallest numbers. Only 1500 collectors at most could have a complete set, but it seems likely to me that not every one of those 1500 got the other four. I have all but Neyo, and hope to get him some day, but from the beginning he got Shadow Stormtrooper and Boba Fett mini bust prices on eBay (meaning over $300), so it's going to be one of the last items (along with Boba and the Shadow Stormy busts) that I get.

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Marissa said...

It's still pretty awesome that you got 4 of the 5. When they first announced them, it looked pretty bleak.